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16 Oct 2018 07:08am, by Shields53

Leeds united found themselves in need of a new manager this summer. It’s always an exciting opportunity, that is until the words “Leeds United are in contact with Steve Bruce” appear in the press. There is a dread about being linked with those same old names; Neil Warnock, Steve Bruce, Alan Pardew etc. The same characters regurgitated for more free spins in the football management world.

It’s boring, it’s dull. Why do the same managers reappear despite having failed at their previous clubs? Villa fans have never really been happy with Bruce since his appointment two years ago culminating in a fan throwing a cabbage at him and his sacking last week. If we’d have appointed Steve Bruce I think I might have thrown a cabbage at him. It shows a lack of ambition, a desire to be safe and not take the risks to deliver a truly a different more modern style of football.

I honestly believe the appointment of Thomas Christiansen was a positive gamble, like playing on free fruit machine games. It showed a desire to be different and it worked, for a bit. We did play a positive style of football which was great to watch. Unfortunately, he lacked the ability to think differently when things started to go against us.

The less said about Paul Heckingbottom the better in my view. A reaction to Christian not working out was to go for an existing Championship manager. But summer brought about a rethink, a desire for Radrizzani, Orta and Kinnear to go back to the original thinking. They thought out of the box, they dared to be different, they dared to be brave and the result was Marcelo Bielsa.

Bielsa has been a breath of fresh air, a positive, attacking, exciting style of football which has been a joy to watch and has achieved results so far. We are still to see what we can achieve under ‘El Loco’ but the decision to be bold and different, the decision not to go for one of the same old names such as Bruce seems to be paying off so far. It’s a genuinely exciting time to be a Leeds United fan.

And as for that cabbage? I reckon Bielsa would have chucked one at Steve Bruce too…

I don’t see this is as barbaric as you see it. This means I have bad habits and you have good habits.

12 Oct 2018 06:51pm, by Shields53

Sports betting is as popular as casino games. There are many reasons that contribute to the popularity of both forms of gambling. You may be asking yourself which among the two is superior to the other. This article will help you in comparing the two.

Here, we will look at various differences and similarities between sports betting and casino game. In comparing the two, we will focus on how to get started, the possibility of making money, available options and entertainment you get by participating in either.

How to get started

Sports betting is easy to start. There is no prior information you need to have. You can start betting right away even without experience. However, if you are betting to make money, you may need to do some research to be able to bet and earn money. Experience is also required since you will be able to avoid making mistakes.

On the other hand, casino games are straightforward too. The only challenge you will get when starting out is in choosing which casino to bet on. There are many types of casino games. Some games are suitable for beginners while others are complex for a beginner. To be able to choose which game to play, you will have to study the games. Studying the games takes time making casino a bit difficult to start. You are required to study the rules of the game you choose.

The possibility of making money

There are unlimited chances of making money in sports betting. Although winning is not guaranteed on each bet, you will definitely make money. The best way of increasing your chances of making money is through learning the betting strategies and applying them. Also, you need to invest time and efforts to make it in betting to win.

Casino games are a bit different when it comes to making money. Making money in casino gambling is not definite. However, if you play often, you will make money at some point. You can lose in all the games. If you really want to money in the casino, you can learn the tricks in counting cards and play with the odds.

Only a few people make consistently in both gambling games. People who want to stand high chances of making money should choose sports betting over casino games. You can easily be in control of sports betting. Very few people make money by playing casino games. Some are lucky to win the jackpot. You can still play casino and hope to be among the lucky ones.

Availability of varieties to choose from

In the past, there were limited options to gamble on in sports betting. However, over the years things have changed. Today, there are various games you can bet on. There are betting sites which present bettors with various choices. The sites cover many leagues and sports events.

Things are not different when it comes to casino games. There are hundreds of casino games to bet on. In the past, the land-based casinos offered various types of games. Technology has changed everything. Today, there are many online casino sites that offer a lot of casino games to choose from.

Basically, both sports betting and casino games offer varieties of games to gamble on.


Many people gamble for pure entertainment. Not everybody gambles for money. Actually, the essential thing in betting is the enjoyment. Gambling is fun.

Sports betting is one of the best gambling games you can really get entertained. Most gamblers don’t even mind losing their bets. It’s exciting to test your knowledge of your favorite game by placing a bet.

Casino games are popular because of they a great way to pass time. most casino players prefer the casinos because of entertainment. They can lose money, but they will continue playing.
Entertainment subjective. Some people will feel that sports betting is entertaining while others will choose casino games. It all depends on an individual.


After going through the above comparison highlights, it’s upon you decide which one you prefer. You realize that it’s difficult to tell which is better than the other. However, based on your taste you can choose one. You can also try both, and see which one works best for you.

Those who choose sports betting over casino games have good reasons for their choice. Those who opt for casino games have valid reasons for their choice too. It all depends on an individual’s preference. Others take part in both games depending on their moods.

In betting, always remember to bet with money you can afford to lose. Always have a budget and stick to it. That way you will enjoy betting on the game of your choice. You will have no regrets. You can bet to make money, or for entertainment.