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25 May 2018 02:13pm, by Shields53

Andy Lonergan is delighted about how well Bailey Peacock-Farrell is doing at Leeds United Football Club. The younger player is certainly making his mark!

Lonergan Solidly Behind Peacock-Farrell

Andy Lonergan is very pleased with the progression of Bailey Peacock-Farrell, the younger Leeds United Football Club goalkeeper, as the more knowledgeable custodian concentrates on developing a different view on soccer as he takes his coaching badges.

It’s the Second Time for Lonergan at Leeds

Lonergan joined the Leeds United Football Club for the second time in his playing career last August. Fans who follow the action via the online betting NZ and the rest of the world makes available will remember that the shot stopper from Preston was initially the Club’s No. 2, behind Felix Wiedwald, the summer recruit from Germany.

A catalogue of continuous errors then saw Wiedwald lose his place in the side, and Lonergan handed seven starts in October and November, before the Club once more turned its attention to Wiedwald.

Heckingbottom Took a Chance on Peacock-Farrell

But both goalkeepers have since been kept out of the Leeds United Football Club after Paul Heckingbottom, the head coach for United, saw fit to take a chance on an Academy graduate in the form of 21-year old Peacock-Farrell in the spring.

The young player hasn’t looked back since he made his first start this season in the 3 — 0 loss at home to Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club at the beginning of March. The shot stopper, hailing from York, played the last 11 games for United, with Lonergan favoured over Wiedwald as back up on the bench after he recovered from an injury to his neck.

Lonergan Could Face Extra Competition

Lonergan has a year left on his current deal at Leeds United Football Club, but the 34-year old player could be facing additional competition for the No. 1 jersey if the Club seals a loan deal for Angus Gunn, the Manchester City custodian, as plans indicate they will.

Lonergan Says He Couldn’t Replace Peacock-Farrell

Besides the acquisition of Gunn, Lonergan has readily admitted that he would have no chance of replacing Peacock-Farrell in light of his recent form, but is quick to say that he is taking a huge amount of satisfaction in the development of the younger stopper. Lonergan is also evidently eyeing the possibility of taking up coaching in the years to come.

Lonergan spoke of Peacock-Farrell’s excellent playing giving as much pleasure as his own did, and he stated that he has truly found pleasure in his 2017-2018 performance at Leeds.

Lonergan said that he knew that some people would see this as strange since he hadn’t actually spent much time on the field, but he’d thoroughly enjoyed himself nonetheless, and even a lack of real results hasn’t put a dampener on his experience with the Club.

Speaking of Peacock-Farrell’s performance, Lonergan stated that he got on very well with the lad, and that he was delighted about how well he is doing. He said that he fully accepted that it may mean that he didn’t play as often, but that was just the way things were, and that him doing his coaching badges gave him a different perspective on the whole situation.

25 May 2018 02:10pm, by Shields53

The NRL San Francisco 49ers have purchased a minority stake in the Leeds United Football Club. How will the welcome financial boost be used, we wonder?

Leeds United and the San Francisco 49ers

What exactly does the investment in Leeds United by the San Francisco 49ers mean for the Football Club? Punters involved in the online betting available for Leeds FC hope it can be used to acquire good players over the transfer window, but we’ll have to wait and see.

The 49ers Kept It Low-Key

In a remarkably restrained fashion, and with their heads firmly under the radar, senior officials for the San Francisco 49ers were keeping a very close eye on the Leeds United Football Club this season.

They were present for three matches at Elland Road, as Andrea Radrizzani’s guests, and what started of as idle talk of possible sporting partnerships with one of Radrizzani’s other companies ended in a multi-million pound investment injected directly into the world of English football.

Secret Plans Afoot

There was more than enough intrigue over the disclosure that Radrizzani was making preparations to sell off a minority stake in Leeds United FC, just one year after he took 100% control of the Championship club, but the appearance of the National Football League, NFL, powerhouse in the Elland Road boardroom is a truly incredible development.

It cost the 49ers a rumoured £10 million of their budget to edge their way into the world of professional soccer, and the purchase of shares in Leeds United via 49ers Enterprises, their investment arm, will no doubt be attracting attention on both sides of the pond.

Who Is Paraag Marathe and How Is He Linked to the 49ers?

Radrizzani has known the 49ers executive, Paraag Marathe, who is set to join the board at Elland Road, for a number of years, and early talks about a working relationship between the pair was aimed at the 49ers collaborating with Aser, the investment firm that Radrizzani formed which became the ultimate parent company for Leeds United.

Over time these talks turned into conversations about the possibility of the 49ers taking a minority share in the Club itself, and putting Marathe in to place as a United Director. Marathe is a high-level figure in San Francisco who has been working for the 49ers since 2001, and has recently had his appointment approved by the English Football League, EFL.

Radrizzani Isn't Going Anywhere

Leeds is adamant that this sale of shares by Radrizzani so soon after his buyout of Massimo Cellino is not the first stage of plans to give up a larger stake, or eventually exit the club, despite how difficult the first season has been.

Those around the Italian majority owner do not think that there are tanks being positioned on the Leeds lawn by the 49ers, and deny that there is any long-term ambition on behalf of the NFL franchise to transform their minority shareholding into a larger chunk of equity.

49ers sources state the purchase has been about expanding the brand globally after managing to to emerge relatively unscathed from a very unstable period in their history, and that similarities were spotted in both clubs’ attempts to rediscover their lost aura.