Loved them, but leave them

06 Sep 2017 06:05pm, by Cjay

This summer like most summers we were strongly linked with numerous ex players in the transfer window. Jonny Howson, Robert Snodgrass, Max Gradel and Ross McCormack, all "wanted" by us at various times this summer according to the football media. Hand on heart I personally never wanted any of them. Now the season has started and we have seen our new players play and how they have gelled as a team i can honestly say... I want all 4 of them even less.

Jonny Howson

Left Leeds a dynamic, goal scoring, all round midfielder capable of playing numerous positions and seen by some as a possible England international. Now, a 29 year old midfielder, struggled to make an impact in the Premier league, at best an average Premier League midfielder and at times looked out of his depth. He is however quality at Championship level, but not worth the money that Norwich wanted.

Robert Snodgrass

Left Leeds as our talismanic captain, goal scorer, goal maker and fan hero. Unlike the others he did go on to prove himself in the Premier League. Of the 4 he is the only one who would have been a good signing in my opinion. However he didn't do well at West Ham and his wages would have been huge. Further more Snodgrass worked best on the right wing or as a number 10, Alioski and Saiz have been every bit as good as Snoddy so far and for a fraction of the price and Snoddy turns 30 tomorrow whereas Saiz and Alioski are younger and havent reached there prime.

Max Gradel

Left Leeds a pacey, exciting, versatile 24 year old. Now a 29 year old, injury prone player who seems to be on the downturn, unable to get in Bournemouths team and has struggled for form and fitness last few years. Is he a better option then what we have? I dont think so.

Ross McCormack

Left Leeds after an exceptional season, technically brilliant and intelligent forward just reaching his prime. Following 2 goalscoring years at Fulham he secured another big money move to Aston Villa, and that was that, he put on weight, lost form, wouldn't climb a gate and seemed completely unmotivated and happy to sit at home collecting his cash. Now the wrong side of 30 and having never had a Premier League club interested it is clear his level will always be the Championship.

We as fans view certain players through rose tinted glasses, we pretend time stood still and the player that left is the player that would return. Unfortunately that is not the case and the players above, undoubtedly the stars of the team in their Leeds days are now older, largely unproven in the last few years and on extortionate wages.

The past is best left in the past and thank you four for the memories.