Taking a punt – what are the top sports for a friendly wager?

14 Feb 2018 09:30pm, by YorkshireSquare

Most of us like to place a bet from time to time, whether it is to simply show our allegiance to The Peacocks – you can get 20/1 for a top six finish if you are feeling optimistic – or as a carefully crafted way of making some money, with the head ruling the heart on every wager.

But according to the experts, there is more to life than football. With the ever growing range of online betting options available, perhaps it is time to broaden your horizons beyond the beautiful game. These Bet 365 reviews from the Gambling App Store give an indication of just how inclusive the online sports betting industry has become. Here is a run down of the top alternative sports that might just tempt you.

American Football

With the Super Bowl behind us, another NFL season has come to a close. From the moment it started appearing in UK TV screens in the 1980s, the sport captured the imagination in a way that other American sports have failed to do. With the action over for another year, you might think that betting options are also out of the question, but in some respects the fun is just beginning. Just as we see in football, the comings and going during the off season attract just as much attention from the bookmakers as the on-field action. You can also get down some early markers on which teams will perform well in the opening week of the new season.


The snow might still be falling, but the new domestic cricket season will be upon us in no time. There are also numerous internationals and T20 tournaments to keep fans, bookmakers and gamblers busy. The best sites include pre-match as well as in-play betting on matches or series. There are also some interesting specials around – perhaps you can even place a bet on what sort of trouble Ben Stokes will get into next.


Golf is one of those sports that makes punters out of the most unlikely people. Don’t be surprised to see your mother putting a cheeky fiver on Rory McIlroy to come good in the next PGA event. Anyone who thinks golf is a boring spectator sport should put some money on their favourite player and settle down on the sofa. You are guaranteed to be drawn into the action, and will soon find yourself screaming “Go, ball!” at the TV set.


Nothing is more visceral than a boxing match. Two grown men trying to punch the living daylights out of each other, and you and hundreds of others cheering your man on. You will be all the more enthusiastic if there is some money resting on it, so why not release your animal instincts once in a while? An interesting point about betting on boxing is that odds are typically published well in advance, but are liable to fluctuate wildly in the run up to the fight. So timing is everything when it comes to placing your wager.