The Price of Passion

21 May 2018 10:41am, by YorkshireSquare

Fans have been complaining about the price of season tickets for some time now. Clubs have listened and the situation is improving thanks to sponsorships.

The Price of Passion

It seems as if nothing is quite as it used to be. And no, we’re not talking about the age of fast food or the dying culture of pumping your own gas. We’re talking about the horrendous price of football tickets. Especially football season tickets.

Fans are the backbone of club football. Without the passionate support of fans, football would be a dreadfully boring affair, and we daresay, clubs would most probably not survive a single season. Because, if not for the fans, then for who?

Why then, do clubs insist on setting the price tags on tickets so ridiculously high?

Where It All Went Wrong

It used to be that football was the sport of the working class. The majority of fans were of a lower social class and football was a way of escaping looming financial depression. Before long, football violence and the working class were completely synonymous.

These were the dark days of football, and the powers that were decided that a drastic change was crucial. The solution? Raise the price of a football ticket so that the economically embarrassed could no longer afford to attend or disrupt the matches, or had to budget in order to do so- something that seemed unlikely.

The question begs, does this do more for the tradition and heritage of English football, or is it more damaging to the sport in the long run?

The Value of Sponsorships

Everything considered, fans have been speaking up, and the gods of football have decided to listen. At least, to an extent. In recent years, many have felt the squeeze of the seemingly relentless economic climate, and the pinch has permeated into absolutely everything, including the price that we are willing to pay for football tickets.

The overall change has been a positive one. Although still not an ideal situation, ticket prices have generally been on the decrease all over the country. In cases where tickets have not become cheaper, at least the prices seem to have been frozen and are no longer on the increase.

With the ever-increasing demand for a football fix, why are club managers not milking fans for everything that they are worth? The recent rise in sponsorships by online casinos may have a lot more to do with the matter than what one would assume.

Global television rights and large sponsorships by big corporations has seen to it that clubs are now able to carry on with their day to day operations without having to squeeze every bit of income from the pockets of the fans. Sponsorships have always been a big deal in the world of competitive sports, but of late, with the current economic climate being what it is, it’s now become a really big deal. Football players are notorious for being the biggest earners on the planet as far as wages are concerned, and the pressure on clubs to perform better financially is on all the time.

Sponsorships go a long way towards easing the burden. Fans are no longer expected to bear the brunt of it and it’s proving to be a very positive thing for football in general.

Whether you’re a fan of online gambling in England, or whether Australian sports betting is more your thing, it’s time to thank your lucky stars for large sponsorship corporations.

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