Craziest Greek myths that have inspired slot games

11 Dec 2018 08:50pm, by YorkshireSquare

If you’re a fan of online slots, no doubt you’ve heard about Age of the Gods. This slot game collection lets gamblers put their fate in the hands of Greek gods like Zeus, Hercules, Athena and Poseidon for the chance to win big jackpot prizes.

Each slot uses a different Greek myth as inspiration, some of which probably seem rather bizarre to modern-day punters. From the tale of a monster with snakes for hair, to stories about a flying horse made of blood – here are some of the craziest Greek mythological characters that have inspired Age of the God slot games.

# 4: The Fate Sisters

You couldn’t find a busier trio than the fate sisters. These three goddesses were responsible for the destiny of every living person ever.

To them, each person’s life was nothing more than a piece of thread. The thread would be first spun by Clotho (the ‘Spinner’) at the person’s birth. It would then be measured out by Lachesis (the ‘Allotter’) to determine how long the person would live, before being cut off by Atropos (the ‘Inflexible’) when they kicked the bucket.

Controlling destinies clearly took its toll on the goddesses. They were often described as hideous old women, as ugly and as harsh as Cinderella’s step-sisters. But though not particularly pleasant to look at, their faces now star in the Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters slot game. See how you fare when your fate (and money) is under their control.

# 3: Medusa

We’ve all complained of bad hair days. But no one wakes up to locks as crazy as Medusa’s. According to Greek mythology, she was a monster with venomous snakes in place of hair.

Those who dared to look her way would be instantly turned to stone. And this is exactly what happens in the Age of the Gods: Medusa & Monster, where symbols can be petrified on the reels to help you win bigger cash prizes.

It’s probably the darkest slot game in the Age of the Gods collection, but certainly worth a spin if you’re brave enough to play.

# 2: Pegasus

One of the most recognised creatures in Greek mythology, Pegasus is a white stallion with wings.

But an ability to fly isn’t the most bizarre thing about this horse. The most bizarre thing about Pegasus is actually where he came from. It’s believed that he was born from the blood spurting from Medusa’s neck when she was beheaded by Perseus, a legendary monster slayer.

You can see Pegasus in the Age of the Gods: Ruler of the Sky slot game. He can appear as a symbol that stacks up on the reels, covering multiple positions to help send your winnings soaring.

# 1: Athena

Pegasus isn’t the only mythological character with crazy beginnings.

One day, Zeus was suffering from the type of headache that no amount of paracetamol could alleviate. And then suddenly, a warrior goddess sprang out of his head (you read that right, out of his head) fully-grown and clad in armour. Talk about mind blowing.

The warrior was Athena, known as the goddess of war and wisdom. She now stars in her own Age of the Gods: Goddess of Wisdom slot game, where she bravely acts as a substituting wild symbol on the reels. If you’re lucky, she’ll help you uncover divine fortunes.

Where to play?

If you’ve been inspired to play Age of the God slot games for yourself, you’ll find them available at all the best online casino sites. Some casinos will even let you try them out in demo mode for free.

Have fun and good luck!