The true meaning of Easter?

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Re: The true meaning of Easter?

Post by Emsley » Sun Jun 01, 2014 10:14 am

All of you should stop twisting words, have you any idea how unpleasant it is to be called a homophobe?
How unpleasant it is to be called prejudice for noting Immigrants committing crime?
You call me those words in real life and you better back them up.
There is too much political correctness here and you wouldnt DARE use it in real life.
My child is mixed race, his mother is indian/white and thats who my son is. Is that going in some of your heads? :?: :?: :?:

Dont you dare call me prejudice again, sick of hearing it from all the politically correct twerps.
LOOK at the trouble it causes, LOOK at the european polls for evidence people are sick of it.

Im the bad guy right now but stop, and think about it for a second before you fire off politically correct mantra at people.
Oh and I can back up my claims my childs mother is indian/white but i dont want to post my ENTIRE LIFE on a public forum. just to stop people from BULLYING people who have a DIFFERENT opinion.

On a lighter note,

have a good day MOTforum! :wink:

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The true meaning of Easter?

Post by Martyn » Sun Jun 01, 2014 10:29 am

If you judge someone's character by their sexual orientation then expect to be called out for it. That is prejudice, pure and simple.

That is nothing to do with political correctness, which is a nonsensical concept anyway.
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