Evans: The world's biggest clown...

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Evans: The world's biggest clown...

Post by rab_rant » Sun Apr 24, 2016 8:51 am

...for the world's biggest circus!

It is an obvious fact that Steve Evans has a mouth on him, and he is always ready with a sound-bite to titillate the press. In his days at Rotherham he was perceived as a bit of a clown, but he pulled no punches with the management and if questioned would serve them up a real tongue lashing. His personae was a clown was not enhanced when he turned up for the last game of the season in a sombrero and shorts, but he did manage to get Rotherham promoted.

Fast forward to his time at Leeds when taking over from Uwe he was brash and cantankerous as ever giving it lip at every opportunity, he was perhaps the only thing that was entertaining at Leeds, but there was a period especially after Brighton and Huddersfield that Massimo told him to shut it, and lo and behold his demeanor at press conferences has changed. He has become more circumspect, and is showing a respect to El Presidente that you would think he had become a sycophant. It seems he is bending over backwards to please, and I think that might rile some of the fans since they perceive it as being spineless, but I view it in a different light.

They say to survive you have to adapt and Steve Evans is a watermelon that has survived all the squeezing and pressure that has been put on him by Mr Cellino. More than can be said for the previous 5 managers whose terms have been short lived, and as further evidence that he has changed he has transformed himself by losing 3 stone, and as anybody who has tried to loose weight knows that takes some grit and determination.

Leeds is the world's biggest circus, and we need the world's biggest clown that is Steve Evans to run the show. Remember the Crazy Gang at Wimbledon and the Norwegian manager in wellies? I say give Steve a pair of wellies and a sombrero and let him get on with the job, who knows what crazy heights we might climb to.
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Re: Evans: The world's biggest clown...

Post by MarkR » Sun Apr 24, 2016 2:20 pm

Evans is adapting to Celino. Celine says he wants a coach who wins, and improves players. Evans is demonstrating he can do that. Give Evans at least another season.

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