The LUFC Breakfast Debate (Mon 22 Oct)

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Re: The LUFC Breakfast Debate (Mon 22 Oct)

Post by Ellandback1 » Mon Oct 22, 2018 2:12 pm

Cjay wrote:
Mon Oct 22, 2018 12:34 pm
Something was very wrong on Saturday, the pressing wasn't there, the energy, the organisation, something wasnt right.

That worries me, i understand Bielsa has loyalty and appreciate he took responsibility, but Dallas isnt a full back, he is barely a winger, he should be no where near the 1st 11 ever, and never ever at full back.

Im not Saiz's biggest fan, i think he is overrated and can 100% see why he has never played at the top level, his footballing brain is awful. He can run with the ball and get out of tight spots, thats it, and yes he played 1 good pass, but he played many poor ones.

I do think though if we can take the pressure off him a bit, give him options, then he can improve.

We need 2 players either side of him who can either make up for his short comings, Hernandez, a far better passer and more intelligent player. And Jack Clarke, someone who can share the dribbling load, Saiz needs more help and they could provide it.

But i do think he is overrated and if its true we rejected £10million for him then we must be mad.
Afternoon Cjay, It has a lot to to with energy levels imo. The Championship is quick paced, and very physical! Its bound to take a lot out of the players.

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Re: The LUFC Breakfast Debate (Mon 22 Oct)

Post by danhirons » Mon Oct 22, 2018 3:19 pm

There are very distinct similarities to our last season which I'm sure bielsa is aware of.

A new manager, brings a new style, that takes the league by storm. Teams research and learn about the tactics of the team and learns how to counter them.

The interesting thing will be to see how bielsa responds.

Tc went from genius to useless in a few months. Let's hope that doesn't happen to bielsa!

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Re: The LUFC Breakfast Debate (Mon 22 Oct)

Post by 1964white » Mon Oct 22, 2018 4:16 pm

weasel wrote:
Mon Oct 22, 2018 11:47 am
Fully in agreement - it seemed almost that Bielsa didn't want to drop players who had done alright in other players absences. I saw the line-up and was worried, too many players out of position and I was not at all surprised we lack any sort of cohesion. It is tricky being a manager and trying to please every player and whilst it would have been harsh to drop Roberts you also need to consider the results of late and get back to the strongest team you can pick and that meant picking Roofe who has an all round better game than Roberts. Playing Berardi on the left and Dallas on the right was just completely unnecessary making a problem into a much bigger problem. Bielsa was completely to blame as the decisions were unnecessary given that we had the youth options to fill the left back position or even Alioski.

We have a decent first choice XI. We also have some decent back up but it has to be used right.

Very concerned if we have also started to go man marking at set pieces - as Blackburn boss Mowbray alluded to. We don't have the player to man mark the opposition as only PJ and Cooper have the height and heading ability. Apart form those two we have a very short team and although Klich is 6ft + he isn't in the team for his heading ability. Given our lack of height we need to go zonal and have PJ and Cooper occupying areas where the danger is likely to be and being allowed free runs to attack the ball - no point them man marking if the opposition can simply play it to their 3rd best player in the air and score.
Hallelujah again :tup:

Why is it every Leeds United manager of late commits this unnecessary trait ?

They are not good enough to play out of their comfort zone in the main

Newport white
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Re: The LUFC Breakfast Debate (Mon 22 Oct)

Post by Newport white » Mon Oct 22, 2018 5:36 pm

It wasn’t great at Blackburn but over 60% possession 20 shots at goal and 11 corners suggests we weren’t as bad as some people make out, I know I sound like a broken record but a proven goal scorer is essential in January

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