The Missing Link

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The Missing Link

Post by Cjay » Wed Sep 27, 2017 6:02 pm

Was thinking earlier about us trying to mirror Johan Cruyffs/ Pep Guardiolas style.

We arent going to change the formation much so the 3-4-3 one is out but can still do it with 4-2-3-1 and we could adapt to a 4-3-3.

They like there wingers to stay wide, we do that.
They liked a 2nd striker, we do that.
They liked to press, we do that.
They liked to keep the ball and play out from the back, we do that.

We do the basics and important to remember especially for Peps team lot of them were schooled this way from childhood.

They liked 2 creative midfielders, Xavi, Iniesta, Guardiola himself, then a 2nd striker, Laudrup, Messi, etc. Wingers, pedro, Stoichkov. Holding midfielder sometimes Pep, Busquets, Koeman.

To be honest theres probably more but i dont know the Johan Cruyff team very well.

This is my understanding at a basic level, perhaps someone who saw Johans team can shed more light on them.

Far as i can see we have almost all of those.
Creative midfielders-O'Kane-Klich' Pablo (as he ages could drop deaper.
Wingers- Alioski-Dallas-Sacko
2nd striker- Saiz-Roofe-Cibicki
Main striker-Lasogga-Grot-Ekuban

What we havent got is a Koeman or as i said in another thread a Busquets.

Someone who is technically sound and can pick a pass if needed but primarily is a protector, if a gap appears he fills it, if they lose possession with the fullbacks forward he makes a back 3, if the defenders are being pressed when passing it out he is always there as an option.

Iniesta and to a lesser extent Xavi could go forward and torment the opposition because they knew if they made a mistake they had Busquets behind them ready to mop up, anyone who saw that side without him or Spain at the time could instantly see what a different it made.

But we have a Busquets if given time and coaching, Ronaldo Vieira.

Not tall but strong as an ox, brave and tenacious to just like Busquets. His passing can be wayward but thats where the coaching comes in, he isnt a bad passer just needs a bit of help.
He is intelligent and we have seen in the past he can protect a back four well, just needs to be coached to do it naturally and not stray from his role. He is able to keep the ball, for one so young he is quite calm in possession already.

With a bit of help young Ronaldo could turn out to be the missing link for this learning but undoubtedly talented side.

Thoughts :-D

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