Squad assessement.

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Squad assessement.

Post by fred » Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:03 pm

Wiedwald: rubbish, must go.
Lonergan: utter rubish, must go.
BPF: proved that he has ability, at worst Nr. 2 goalkeeper.

Berrardi: time to move on or back-up.
Anita: utter rubbish, must go.
Ayling: when fit and confident o.k.
Cooper: back-up at best.
Pennington: average, but may improve.
Janssen: best CB, but up and down.
Peirce: by what I``ve seen best LB we have.
DeBock: from what I`ve seen average at best.
Coyle: could be o.k.
Tyler Denton: not good enough probably.
Shaughnessy: probably not good enough.
P. O`Connor: first Impression not bad.

Philipps: average at best, doubt he will improve much.
Viera: playing poor for quite a while. Must improve.
Alioski: up and down, worth keeping.
Saiz: hard to say, but worth keeping.
Hernandez: inconsistent, but best we have probably.
Forshaw: must improve, nothing special so far.
O`Kane: similar to Philipps and Viera, but older. At best back-up.
Dallas: worth keeping being able to play in different positions.
Klich: probably not good enough.

Ekuban: rubbish, must go.
Roofe: rubbish, can he get bettter?
Lasogga: utter rubbish, must go.
Sakkho: utter rubbish, must go.
Cibicki: might be worth keeping.

Says it all, if the evaluation is more or less realistic. We have all in all a very average squad (not including many of
the youngsters though, who may have some potential or not.)

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Re: Squad assessement.

Post by faaip » Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:11 pm

We were close last season, then we changed Owner, DoF and manager, getting the latter wrong imo. Still even had we got that right we'd be looking at yet another rebuild taking 3 more years.

That said I don't think we're far off and most are too critical of our players

We need a keeper preferably not one who key asset is he can roll the ball out to a defender - BPF as back up
Ayling is back next season and if he's coached up correctly he can return to his form under Monk - Beradi or Coyle as back up
We need a left back, but it's probably not an essential need with Pearce and Denton coming through
Jansson stays - Cooper backs him up
We need a partner alongside PJ and it's probably one of the three key areas we need to spend money along with keeper and striker

Alioski on the wing I'm happy with, start winning and he'll be a key player for us.
Saiz on the other side I'm also ok with especially playing a little narrower

Vierra will get the season hopefully, there's the ceiling there to be our best player in years and he grows by the game
Forshaw - Give him the captains armband and he'll provide a stabilizing factor
Hernandez, - one more season please Pablo but in you preferred number 10 role, Saiz to fill in if injured

We need a striker, a bit of a one player does it all type. I don't want a fast 5'7 player nor do we need a 6'5 target man who can't hit the back of the net

Roofe, BPF, Beradi, Cooper, De Bock, Pennington, Sacko, Dallas, Ekuban and Grot are all bench possibilites.

Ekuban, Shaughnessy and Grot with a season behind them will improve

Klich (if he returns and he should,) Ideguchi and Roberts - should be first team threats

and then the best raft of youngsters we've probably ever had will start to come through - RB - Bryce Hossanah, CB's - Diaz, Oriel Ray, Olly Casey and Aapo Halme, CMF's - Romario Vierra and Jamie Shackleton. AMF's - Jack Clarke and Robbie Gotts and forwards - Ryan Edmundson, Sam Dalby, Adrian Balboa, Olivier Sarkic and Kun Temenuzhkov

And there are others

TBH with that talent around I'm finding it hard to be pessimistic, but break all that up and getting rid of a lot will mean adding 10-12 more players into the mix and starting on the merry go round again of needing a season to bed them all in

Weidwald, Lassoga, Cibicki and Lonergan can move on for me, maybe one or two others if we get a good price. Add a manager who we can all get behind (I'm not sure that's possible) But we need to build from this base we cannot keep digging away the foundations just because the colour on the walls is wrong.

Stick with your plan Rads at least for a while yet
not changed my mind since middle of the week
BPF - Hossannah - Halme - Diaz - Struijk - Oduor - Gotts - Stevens - McCalmont - Temenuzhkov - Shackleton

"objective fan" - is that a consistent oxymoron?"


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Re: Squad assessement.

Post by Ratscoot » Sat Apr 14, 2018 6:37 am

Can’t disagree
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Clacton White
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Reserve Player
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Re: Squad assessement.

Post by Clacton White » Sat Apr 14, 2018 7:03 am

A fair assessment IMO - most of them you could get rid and never notice they'd gone . Pennington and Lassoga are loans anyway so assume they will be gone end of season . Ayling ....depends which one shows up - the one that played well for Monk , or this season's one that goes wandering anywhere during a game . So all in all the club needs probably 8 new first teamers and a decent manager - and lose one football director .

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