Yoda Bielsa

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Yoda Bielsa

Post by Cjay » Mon Jun 11, 2018 1:13 pm

A man known for helping some good players become great, unlocking that potential.

Dmitri Payet, Fernando Llorente, Ander Herrera, Javi Martinez, Mauricio Pochettino (was a class player), Alexis Sanchez, Arturo Vidal, Gabriel Batistuta, all owe a huge debt to Bielsa.

Hard as it is to believe that some of those players would ever be anything but world class it seems that pre Bielsa, they were.

Clearly we havent anyone on there level (Alioski and Sanchez is close), but i do believe we have players who with the right coaching could become much better players, not saying world class, but certainly top class for our level.

Bailey Peacock- Farrell- Lot of talk about should he stay should he go, but he clearly has talent, he is raw, his distribution is poor, which is important for the style Bielsa plays, coaching though and he could go on to be our number one for a decade.

Oriol Rey- Big fan, watched quite a bit of the u23s, i really like this kid, was very disappointed Heckingbottom didnt give him a chance, but anyway. He is very much a Bielsa player, a Barcelona boy in the mould of Busquets, his calmness on the ball and passing ability for me is better then all our senior midfielders, not afraid of a tackle either and he has that hard working mentality you see from the Barcelona graduates.

Tom Pearce- Defensively he isnt perfect, thats an area he needs to work on, but there is a lot of talent there, Hecky debuted him then dropped him, Bielsa wont do that, he will back him if he sees something in him.

Ronaldo Vieira- Divides opinion i know, funny thing is opposition managers and fans always pick him out for praise, think some of ours are to harsh, but anyways. The powerful holding midfielder, strong and brave, yet anyone who saw the Toulon tournament will know, boy can shoot. I think Vieira will thrive if Bielsa comes, really do.

Samu Saiz- Section of our fans love him, some think he is overrated, im leaning towards the 2nd one in all honesty. But he has something, he can run at pace past defenders, but his decision making is awful, its the reason he is the age he is and this is the highest level he has ever played at. Oddly, Payet was 27 when Bielsa arrived in France, could Bielsa help improve Saiz's game like he did Payet?

Gianni Alioski- There has been quite a lot of chat on twitter since Bielsa was mentioned, and quite a few think the Macedonian Messi may benefit most of all. He can beat a man, he is quick, he can cross, he can pass, but very inconsistently. He will run himself ragged, he will press and press and if Bielsa can give him the confidence to be the player he showed he could be in flashes then we have a key player there.

Ryan Edmondson- .Big strong lad with a lot of potential, Batigol was a big strong lad with a lot of potential once, nothing more needs to be said.

Jack Clarke- Shares a lot of similarities with Iker Muniain, diminutive, quick, tricky, right footed left winger. Another who speaks highly of Bielsa, the young Bilbao winger hasnt quite reached the heights that his talent probably deserves. But, Jack is the sort of player Bielsa likes, and the talent is there, can see Jack being one of the breakouts next season.

There are quite a few players we have who i think will struggle under Bielsa, who dont fit his system or ideals, but those above are players i think potentially could thrive.

Anyone else who could ?

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Re: Yoda Bielsa

Post by faaip » Mon Jun 11, 2018 2:06 pm

Well they're about the same age ....

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Re: Yoda Bielsa

Post by rab_rant » Mon Jun 11, 2018 4:01 pm

Bielsa plays high tempo pressing game that demand super fitness from players.
I can easily see that he will burn players out if he sticks to a stable first team, so
for this system to succeed there needs to be team rotation which means a big squad.

Remember when Roofe ran himself ragged and pleaded to be subbed.
The fans don't appreciate anyone in a Leeds shirt giving up, even though
all the juice has been wringed out of them... we are an unforgiving lot.

If Bielsa comes in then expect burn out. Unless of course we win everything
and the team runs on the high octane fuel of victory.
Scottish Steel and Irish Fire that's the weapon I desire.

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Subs Bench
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Re: Yoda Bielsa

Post by Dalton » Tue Jun 12, 2018 11:31 am

Good observations from all including initial post.

I just think that this should be put on hold as it may turn out that there are 300+ posts and 10 Bielsa threads only for him to pull out and we get Steve Bruce
My my my, such a lot of guns around town and so few brains

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