Grayson, does he stay or go?

01 Feb 2012 01:26pm, by YorkshireSquare

I’m not sure I have an opinion either way on this subject but last night’s result has got me thinking about it. What do we blame for the poor performances of late? It is clear that there has been a lack of investment in the squad, transfer money has come in but little has been spent. We have made no impact in any recent transfer window apart from the odd loan signing here and there whilst watching some of our best players head out of the door. Danny Pugh at 500k is the biggest investment we have seen and he is hardly a player that inspires promotion.

Putting the lack of investment to the side though a good manager should still be able to motivate his team, be able to get the shape and balance of the team right and to cut out simple defensive mistakes. As Zigic slotted home his fourth last night Grayson stood on the touchline looking like a lost man, no plan, no ideas. All he could muster on the Yorkshire Radio post match interview was that with no sign of any more players coming in they would have to work to improve things on the training ground. But so far we have seen no evidence they do any work on the training ground, the same frailties and naiveties come back to haunt us week in week out.

With Ken Bates flying back from South Africa today the writing could be on the wall for Simon. So here is the simple question for you, does he stay or does he go?

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