Dealing with the Devil

03 Feb 2012 01:51 pm, by YorkshireSquare

The opinion of Leeds fans has been fairly divided on whether Simon Grayson should have been sacked or not. One thing that is clear though is that sacking your manager when the transfer windows is shut without having previously lined up a replacement is somewhat, well stupid.

As the leading contenders for the position declare themselves out of the running one by one it begs the question, does anyone want to work with Ken Bates? Why would any manager currently in a job want to give it up to work with Ken Bates. Why would they want to work with such an outspoken boss who provides little investment and when things are not going swimmingly manoeuvres his in-house media empire against you? Perhaps Bates has just sacked the only manager who was still willing to work with him.

Bates is also always telling us that no one will invest in the club while the sickpots, morons, nutters and empty vessles are tweeting, twittering and blogging anti-Bates sentiment (Oops, that’s me) and the Leeds United Supporters Trust are marching on Elland Road. As far as I am concerned the main thing putting off potential investors is the incumbent chairman himself. His track record of dodgy dealings, off-shore accounts, ownership mysteries, failed takeovers of Caribbean islands and administrations is enough to put anyone off. It has so far limited the only viable local investors to a handful of adverting and sponsorship deals rather than major investment. I mean, would you trust Ken Bates with your money? His trusted sidekick Penfold, sorry Shaun Harvey, isn’t much better either. A former confidant of the Richmonds he leaves behind him a trail of administrations and liquidations having worked at Farsley, Scarborough and Bradford previously.

Leeds United was once a proud club, with a rich history and loyal fan base. Crowds are dropping, the next generation of fans are spending their weekends at Headingley rather than Elland Road and there is a negativity descending over the club. Investors are nowhere to be seen, the new corporate boxes are empty and we have become a laughing stock of football. Now we are struggling to find a new manager with no big names expressing a desire or wish to take the job. What was once considered a great job, an honour is now seen as a poisoned chalice.

It’s all thanks to one man, thank you Ken Bates.

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rab_rant wrote on 06 Feb 2012 04:00 pm

A quote from our esteemed chairman

He drew a parallel with... his birth.

“Being an awkward cuss even in those days, I was a bit reluctant to make
my entry on to the world stage and my mum was having a somewhat slow delivery,” he wrote.

“The midwifes and nurses were verbally urging her on.

“Thus it was at the moment I arrived, the first chanting I heard
was ‘Bates Out!’ as the staff urged my mother on.

“So consequently, the current chanting is water off a duck’s back
and as Clark Gable famously said in that screen epic
Gone With The Wind: ‘Frankly my dear(s), I don’t give a damn’.”

Steven Baker wrote on 05 Feb 2012 06:32 pm

Words from a born and bread west Yorkshire man who lives with his lovely family in the beautiful county of Kent. Born and grew up in the west Yorkshire (mineing) town of Castleford, also the son of west Yorkshire mum & dad, grandparents and great grandparents, and yes thay where all Leeds fans as i am too. I'm going next week with my boy to watch super Leeds v Brighton . I Wasn't looking forward to this game, but once I found SG had gone I was singing marching on together.
SG picked the team and for me didn't pick the right team. For eg, Becchio what a load of s**t, but SG would always play him. Then there is Andy 'O'Brien depression, my arse!!!funny that he's back training As for ken bates he's not my cup of tea but when I thought me and my family who had followed and watch super Leeds for almost 100 years was going to go out of existence I did shed a tear. So I have seen the high times and seen us fall hard. So let's just take are time in championship and get to premiership in the nearer future. The hare and tortuous springs to mind!!!!

AdeinScotland wrote on 04 Feb 2012 12:38 pm

Simon Grayson did a terrific job, given the resources he was allowed by Bates. Bates has got this one wrong - I don't think a new manager is likely to have a better last 18 games of the season than Simon would have. Hope he doesn't bring in another Chelsea connection and alienate the fans even further.

iantrinsic wrote on 04 Feb 2012 11:58 am

white.riot wrote on 04 Feb 2012 12:54 am

Guildford White wrote:I don't know if anyone remembers me posting this back in August?

It's another example of what Bates has done to our club, and goes a long way to explaining why Grayson could noy buy top-class players.

Remember it well. No more true today than it was then I expect. Did LUFC sell 4 players in the window as confidently predicted? Have LUFC gone into admin again as predicted by waccoers trying to put supporters off renewing?

The biggest fallacy of all is that Bates is the reason no one will invest in LUFC. No one has ever invested in LUFC. There was a plan under Wilko of course and that did work well for a while but ultimately came to nought as OL and Ridsdale cocked up.

For whatever reason LUFC has never been particularly attractive. And Bates is right, LUST marching through the streets of Leeds etc will not make LUFC anymore attractive. He over plays his hand on this but he is right up to a point.