Can transfers change Leeds fortunes?

07 Jul 2015 05:19 pm, by YorkshireSquare

Officially opening at 12am on the 1st July, and closing at 6pm on the 1st September, the football transfer window is a time of great anticipation and excitement for football teams and their fans alike. It is a time when players are transferred between teams, fans can begin to look forward to the season ahead, and managers and coaches can start to strategize; in short, a period of great importance for major and minor league teams across the country. Having faced years of financial uncertainty, demotions, and promotions, one team that is entering this season’s transfer window with confidence and positity is Leeds United. Can their new manager and players turn the team’s fortunes once and for all?

It’s all change for Leeds United

Following his departure from Wigan, German football head coach and manager Uwe Rosler felt that he had a lot to learn. Indeed, he spent six months allegedly studying the art of football to ready for his role at Leeds United and is now confident in his, and the team’s, abilities.

“Our name is Leeds United and our slogan is Marching on Together. United – together. And that’s what I’m focusing on. It counts from the top to the tea lady, to the supporters,” he is reported to have said following his appointment by Massimo Cellino in May of this year. Indeed, the club’s owner and backers have given Rosler, who begins a two-year deal at the club, their vote of confidence, including his choice of new signings during this season’s transfer window. This change in manager could bring some surprising signings, and already the rumours have been rife…

Rosler’s mission is simple: to allow people to recognise Leeds United as the sleeping giant he knows it to be. Rumoured signings include defender Matt Mills, strikers Nicky Maynard and Lukas Jutkiewicz, and midfielders James McLean, Ali Messaoud, and Federico Viviani – in fact, 38 names have been circulated since the end of the season in May. If true, these players could change the way the club presents itself during the upcoming season. Whatever the truth or mistruths, football tipsters and betting sources such as Football Acca Bets are already making predictions of their own and discussing what each new signing could mean for the team – discussion boards and forums are already filled with expectation and eagerness from fans and rivals alike, which truly brings the game to life. One thing is for sure, though – whoever is set to join Leeds United, the current team is ready to fight its way through the league table and back to the top.

From the last day of one football season to the first day of another, there is always going to be speculation, discussion and excitement; after all, this is the period when new signings are made and current players leave the team for pastures new. In the case of Leeds United, which has experienced more than its fair share of ups and downs in the last few years, the rumours and confirmed signings are perhaps more important than ever. The way that new manager Uwe Rosler organises his team is going to be paramount to its performance in the 2015/16 season. All eyes are on Leeds United, that’s for sure.