Who should stay and who should go?

21 Mar 2016 05:29pm, by Oscar

This season really has been a mirror image of last season, underwhelming, and here we are again debating who out of the current squad is good enough to lead us to hopefully a better season next year in the English Championship. Cellino has so far backed Steve Evans but whoever is manager next season will have to make some tough changes on who stays at Leeds United and who goes.

If we do not improve the squad from this season I don’t think the bookies would offer a good price in the soccer odds on Leeds United to be promoted next season. There have been good performance though, odd glimpses of talent but the issue has been in consistency and more importantly strength in depth. There are too many players on the periphery who are not good enough to challenge at the top of the league.

Marco Silvestri

In his 2nd season at Leeds, hasn't been as impressive as he was last season, however, has improved a lot in terms of decision making on corners and crosses. His shot stopping remains mostly impressive, he remains inconsistent, however.

My Verdict: Still only 25, and will hopefully improve on this season. KEEP
Forum Poll: 94% Keep 6% Leave

Ross Turnbull

Just one appearance in a cup game at Doncaster mainly because of injury during our cup run, a decent back up goalkeeper to have and should be fine playing the occasional game if necessary. Has good experience and should provide decent competition to Silvestri.

My Verdict: If we sell are the youngsters ready to come through? If the answer is yes then I think we should sell him, if the answer is no then he should stay. However, it is near impossible to say what the answer is. UNSURE
Forum Poll: 32% Keep 68% Leave

Gaetano Berardi

Didn't have an overall great first season at the club, however, has been one of our most improved players this season and can play right back and left back. Has enjoyed an excellent 2nd season form wise at Leeds.

My Verdict: Consistent and Flexible (right back and left back). KEEP
Forum Poll: 100% Keep 0% Leave

Lewis Coyle

Has looked very comfortable at right back and has shown that he is excellent going forward as well. Appears to be a potential replacement for Sam Byram (can play in midfield as well.)

My Verdict: Should provide great competition for Berardi. KEEP
Forum Poll: 94% Keep 6% Leave

Scott Wooton

Finished last season well and has at times done well at right back. However, still makes defensive errors and his recent form has been very worrying. Has improved since he first signed for Leeds, and I disagree that his best position is at centre back

My Verdict: In My Opinion 3rd choice right back and probably at best 3rd/4th choice centre back. LEAVE
Forum Poll: 6% Keep 94% Leave

Giuseppe Bellusci

Like Berardi, didn't have a great first season at Leeds. However, has improved this season (especially the last few weeks) his ability to pick out a pass suggests to me he could play defensive midfield if we ever needed him to. He does struggle for consistency and when he starts a game badly i.e. Middlesbrough (away), he doesn't always recover and goes on to have a bad game.

My Verdict: Our best centre back, excellent on the ball, however, needs a better centre back to play alongside him for him to become a great defender in my opinion. KEEP
Forum Poll: 82% Keep 18% Leave

Sol Bamba

He was excellent last season, however, since our win at Derby in August,Sol has dramatically lost form he still has the occasional good game, however, I feel he needs to have more than the occasional good game to be a first choice centre back at Leeds.

My Verdict: I don't think he should be first choice centre back. If we receive a good offer for Sol I would sell him, if not then he is a decent option to have at centre back if others have an injury/ lose form. NOT SURE
Forum Poll: 62% Keep 38% Leave

Liam Cooper

Has improved slightly on last season, however, has not proven for a consistent amount of time yet that he could improve further. His decision making can be good and bad, at times this season particularly November-December he appeared to be becoming a leader at the back. However, since then has struggled for form.

My Verdict: Not ready to be first choice, however, could provide good back up. KEEP
Forum Poll: 65% Keep 35% Leave

Charlie Taylor

The best left back in the league in my opinion, defensively and going forward he has been exceptional.

My Verdict: Vital that we keep Charlie in my opinion creates a lot of chances as well when he goes forward. KEEP
Forum Poll: 88% Keep 12% Leave

Liam Bridcutt

One of the best defensive midfielders I have ever seen at Elland Road, he wins the majority of his 50-50's and is so calm on the ball. Plays the Pirlo/Busquets role really well for us he isn't just a tackler he is good on the ball as well. He has been a great leader as well (even if he isn't captain.)

My Verdict: Sign him in the summer, make him captain and give him the number 4 shirt. KEEP
Forum Poll: 94% Keep 6% Leave

Toumani Diagouraga

Has mostly done well since signing from Brentford. Like Bridcutt also very calm on the ball, not as vital as Bridcutt. The formation we play next season and whether or not we keep Bridcutt will probably determine whether or not he is a regular next season.

My Verdict: Even if he isn't first choice he is a good player to have in the squad who can come on when we are holding on to a lead or when we need to play with 2 defensive midfielders. KEEP
Forum Poll: 100% Keep 0% Leave

Tom Adeyemi

On loan from Cardiff, has at times done well and at other times not protected the back 4 well enough. More than capable of playing in the championship.

My Verdict: With so many central midfield options and with Tom not consistently being impressive. LEAVE
Forum Poll: 18% Keep 82% Leave

Tommaso Bianchi

Similar story to Adeyemi, hasn't played this season and is currently on loan to Ascoli, however, I am basing this on what I saw from Tommaso last season. Last season he had the occasional excellent game and ran some games from midfield. However, in most games he has struggled to do this.

My Verdict: With so many central midfield options. LEAVE
Forum Poll: 18% Keep 82% Leave

Alex Mowatt

Not as impressive as last season mainly in my opinion because he has been played out of position, however, our best attacking midfielder by a distance in my opinion and the most likely player to get goals from midfield.

My Verdict: Hopefully will be key next season. KEEP
Forum Poll: 100% Keep 0% Leave

Lewis Cook

Has struggled all season for consistency and I am still unsure of his best position in midfield. However, at times his energy and ability to run with the ball has won us games. Still only 19 and if he can improve his final pass I think he can become a superb footballer. Next season will be a big season for Lewis in my opinion.

My Verdict: When in a midfield 3 over the last 2 years he has mostly been excellent. KEEP
Forum Poll: 94% Keep 6% Leave

Luke Murphy

July 9th, news comes out that Luke Murphy will miss the start of the season the first negative of the season. Luke between January-May 2015 was excellent, at times this season he has shown that form, however, for most of the season he has shown the form of his first 18 months. Where he wasn't having enough of an impact on games.

My Verdict: I am not sure if he would be 1st choice next season if he did stay. However, in a midfield 3 with Cook and Mowatt I think he is an excellent option to have and I still think he can return to his best form. Next season, is vital though he needs to show his form of last season, otherwise my verdict might be different. KEEP
Forum Poll: 76% Keep 24% Leave

Kalvin Phillips

Hasn't been as impressive as Mowatt and Cook when he has played,however, hasn't had many opportunities I think loaning him to a league one club for a few months next season could be the best move.

My Verdict: depends on his pre season form or any injuries to other midfielders etc, however, at the moment I think a short term loan could be a great option for his career and Leeds next season. KEEP
Forum Poll: 71% Keep 29% Leave

Casper Sloth

Appears to have done well for the under 21's, however, I haven't seen him play for us often enough to comment.

My Verdict: Hopefully, he will be given a few games between now and the end of the season if he plays well I would say Keep him, if he doesn't then I would say sell him. NOT SURE
Forum Poll: 9% Keep 91% Leave

Stuart Dallas

Out of the 20-25 times I have seen him play for us I can only think 2 games where he has been excellent (Huddersfield and Wolves). He has had some good games plus 6 assists is reasonable, however, a lack of goals (considering he has had some good chances to add to his goal tally of 2) and in most games he hasn't created enough chances, which is his main job in my opinion.

My Verdict: I think Stuart might improve and his ability to play on the right wing and left wing is very useful so he should stay, however, I am 50-50 about whether or not he should be first choice next season. KEEP
Forum Poll: 71% Keep 29% Leave

Jordan Botaka

Hasn't had many opportunities, however, he does appear to be a very skillful player and has impressed me in a lot of the games he has played (similar to Adryan last season.)

My Verdict: Like Dallas I am unsure about Jordan being first choice. However, even if he isn't first choice he is a good option to have with 20 minutes to go in a game. Like Dallas I think he might improve. KEEP
Forum Poll: 12% Keep 88% Leave

Mustapha Carayol

At times he has been excellent and he does appear to have an ability to score goals. In the game vs Brighton he was particularly impressive when he came on in the second half. I am not sure he creates enough chances, however.

My Verdict: I want to see us sign at least one new winger in the summer with a proven record of scoring or assisting goals at championship level. I am not sure Carayol fits into this category and with Botaka and Dallas already here permanently. I don't think we need to sign Carayol. My opinion may change and I hope he gets a few games between now and May. LEAVE
Forum Poll: 53% Keep 47% Leave

Chris Wood

Maybe hasn't had the greatest season in terms of goal scoring this season, however, that has mainly been down to A.) Injuries and B.) A lack of service from midfield for most of the season, rather than him being in poor form. He has had very few games where he has had several chances so the lack of goals. His link up play is very good and he has created a lot of chances for others. He is to an extent a championship version of Olivier Giroud not a great finisher and doesn't appear to be popular with some fans. However, like Giroud he is an intelligent player and can score goals if you play to his strengths and probably will have a run of form where he becomes popular again. I am a big fan of Wood and we have missed him badly this season when he has been injured, he has been our best permanent signing this season by some distance in my opinion.

My Verdict: I think he should be our 1st choice striker next season, I think he will become more consistent and will get more goals if our wingers and attacking midfielders form improves next season. KEEP
Forum Poll: 65% Keep 35% Leave

Mirco Antenucci

He has improved on last season, however, I still don't think he will score enough goals to be a first choice striker for us next season even if the service does improve next season. He is a different type of striker to Wood and in my opinion relies less on others creating chances for him as he is good at running at defenders so his goal return over the past 2 years has been disappointing in my opinion.

My Verdict: At the moment I would still keep Antenucci but as a 3rd choice striker, as I think he could be a great impact player for us. KEEP
Forum Poll: 59% Keep 41% Leave

Souleymane Doukara

Probably the best finisher at the club, however, doesn't get himself into goal scoring positions often enough in my opinion. I also don't think he has found the form he showed in his first 2-3 months at the club.

My Verdict: There is no real evidence that his goal return is going to improve in my opinion. LEAVE
Forum Poll: 53% Keep 47% Leave

Lee Erwin

Not had many opportunities this season and hasn't really impressed me yet.

My Verdict: I think he will improve more than Doukara, however, I can't see him being more than 4th choice next season behind Wood, (hopefully a new striker) and Antenucci. I think 4 strikers is an ideal number. NOT SURE
Forum Poll: 35% Keep 65% Leave