Justice for the 96

26 Apr 2016 06:39 pm, by YorkshireSquare

I know this is a Leeds United blog and this isn’t about Leeds United but as Leeds United fans we know only too well what it is like when our fellow supporters go to a football match never to return home. And we know all too well the frustration at seeing justice not being done. But our loss, our grief, our frustration pales next to that experienced by the families of the 96 Hillsborough disaster victims.

They have fought hard for 27 years, dedicating their lives to seeking truth and justice for their lost relatives. The authorities and organisations that were supposed to be there to protect their loved ones have lied and hidden the truth to protect their own reputations. Evidence has been concealed, statements changed, untruths told. Those who sought to tell the truth had been silenced and a narrative of lies woven to prevent justice.

The characters of the supporters, the victims and their families have been besmirched by a complicit media. Blame for the tragedy laid squarely at the feet of the Liverpool fans in order to protect the authorities and their negligence. I know football fans didn’t have the best reputation in the 80s, and Leeds played their part in that, but it has been used as an excuse to tarnish the reputations of the dead and the grieving and today’s verdict clears them of any wrongdoing whatsoever.

As a football fan of any club, no matter the songs you sing, the shirt you wear you cannot help but feel joy and emotion for the families today. They have after all this time a sense of justice. I get the feeling that for some the fight is not yet over but finally the 96 can rest in peace.


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John in Louisiana wrote on 27 Apr 2016 12:20 am