Leeds making progress under Monk

24 Aug 2016 04:39 pm, by YorkshireSquare

I’ve resisted commenting up until now, I’ve not wanted the veil of confidence slip. The early stages of the season can be nervy, especially when you lose your first two league games and people can become reactionary. There were already people calling for Monk to go after two games for goodness sake. Stake your bet on the outcome of this season with an offer code for bet365. But I still believe it is a good appointment, I believe he can take us forward but he needs so be given time. Monk believes he is not under pressure but with only a one year contract and Cellino’s track record results and performances will need to come quickly.
I'm not under any pressure at all, I have a one-year contract. My plan is not an overnight plan, we're not miracle workers here. We've assembled a brand new squad, we're at the start of something new and you can see with the players how much they believe in it. It's a long process. We will have ups and downs but what's important is that we have time with this group. You can see within time the potential we have to be even better.
We’ve made progress in the off season, clearing out the Italians who refused to play for our club was a start and made some good signings to replace them. Two more pieces of the jigsaw have been completed in recent weeks with Bridcutt and Jansson coming in. We did get off to a slow start though, not just in terms of results but in terms of performances too. We didn’t have the fight of a Leeds side or the style of a Garry Monk side. I can only put this down to a poor pre-season playing lower league sides and Italian nobody’s when our rivals were steeling themselves against Premiership opposition.

But we are now unbeaten in three, four points out of the last six in the league and performances are improving. We showed fight and determination against Sheffield Wednesday, played good counter attacking football and both of our strikers put the ball in the back of the net. Maybe now things are slowly staring to come together, maybe Birdcutt was that missing grit and guile we needed in midfield. We still need to improve, we still need to bring in more players don’t get me wrong but we are heading in the right direction with a young, progressive manager. Who knows what we can achieve, if not this season but next.

Unbeaten in two league matches and through to the next round of the League Cup. Forest up next this Saturday which will be tough but given what we saw last weekend I have every confidence we can get a result.