4 points to remember while placing in-play bets

10 Sep 2017 03:47 pm, by YorkshireSquare

As you may be aware, in-play or live football betting is the type of betting wherein you place wagers as a football match is already happening. Live bets are pretty much available on almost every permutation in the Premier League and English Football League matches from Leeds United to Chelsea. As in case of the pre-match bets, you can seek help of SBAT predictions for in-play betting too. Let’s take you through 4 points you should keep in mind while placing in-play bets on EPL and EFL matches.

Bet little and more often

You should never bet your entire bankroll on a specific outcome. If it doesn’t happen, you’d lose everything. This is applicable to both the conventional pre-match as well as the live bets. As normally there are many special offers available on in-play bets, punters often get tempted and throw lots of money on outcomes that seem highly probable. You should never do that. It’s always better to bet little amounts, and if you’ve enough to spare, to spread your bets over multiple possibilities. You might end up winning more that way!

Don’t go blindly by the commercials

Online and off-line bookmakers go all out to promote their offers through aggressive commercials that feature well-known celebrities. For instance, Bet365 actively uses Ray Winstone, the popular British actor for their commercials promoting in-play betting. He is a marvellous person and everyone listens to him.

We all love Ray and those ads are excellent too, however, just because a bookmaker is aggressively advertising a 5/1 punt for a certain player to score the next goal, it doesn’t automatically mean that it’s a best value bet for you. You must use your own knowledge while placing bets and avoid getting influenced by television commercials.

It’s the pre-match preparation that matters the most

Reputed team managers like Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola literally spend months and months researching the intentions of their opponent teams, just to be able to strategize accordingly, ensuring wins for their teams.

The same way, you should put in lots of effort into your bets and avoid making random switches while the game is in play. In fact, majority of your investment and time must go into the pre-match bets because that way you’d have had spent ample time on studying different variables. In-play bets on the other hand must serve as the icing on the cake. They must never entirely replace the pre-match bets.

Stay focused on the changes

If you are confident of your pre-match betting decisions and have carried out ample research beforehand, you’d not need to stay constantly glued to the screen. Your knowledge of English Premier League and football overall would allow you to instantly notice any significant changes in the playing style or tactical advantages of any kind. You must step in and place in-play bets only at such times (when there’s some change in the usual game pattern); because this is something you couldn’t have predicted, but is nevertheless important.