How do football players spend the summer break?

15 May 2018 03:25 pm, by YorkshireSquare

As football fans we spend the entire season standing on the terraces or glued to the television screen following the big games. Association football is one of biggest spectator sports out there with the European Championship drawing in two billion television viewers back in 2016. With World Cup action set to begin next month, you can bet the numbers will continue to be massive.

So, while it’s great to watch your favourite teams and players during the season, have you ever wondered what the professionals do during their pre-season break? Sometimes, it can be easy to forget that professional athletes are actually real people, with real hobbies and interests, just like us. Here’s a look at what some of the favourite activities are for soccer players during their break.

Pick Up Another Sport

Just because the football season isn’t in full swing, it doesn’t mean they have to stop playing sports altogether. Instead, some play other sports like baseball for fun. It’s a chance for them to stay active, stay fit, have fun, but not worry so much about competing since they are just playing for fun rather than at a professional level. You can learn more about baseball by visiting Theplanetofbaseball.Com.

Besides baseball, golf is another popular sport for not just football players but athletes in general while on pre-season break. Golf is a wonderful cardiovascular workout. It helps to maintain a person’s flexibility and strength, builds focus, yet can be extremely relaxing.

Take Part in Training Camps

There is also the fact that most football teams go on training camp well before the season actually begins. So, when you look at the calendar, they don't actually get much downtime, especially if their team was in playoffs the following season, thereby extending that season even further.

Training camps aren’t just meant to keep players fit and on their game, but it helps to build communication within the team before the season begins. This is especially important if any new players have been added to the team, or players have been traded. It gives everyone a chance to get used to the new dynamics.

Enjoy Some Time Traveling

Just like non-athletes, there is also that desire to go away on vacation during the pre-season break. Professional athletes aren’t able to take off for a week or two on a vacation during the middle of their season, which means they need to pack all their traveling time into their off-season break. If they have a family it’s also their chance to spend time with them, something that can be hard to do in the middle of the season.

Take Part in Charity Events

You may also notice that there is an increase in charity events hosted by or supported by professional athletes such as football players during their off-season. Again, this is simply a timing issue, as it’s much easier for them to make time in the off-season.

A Chance to Relax and Keep Fit

The off-season break really provides soccer players a chance to unwind, relax a bit, spend time with family, all while staying fit so they are ready for the season to begin once again.