How To Become A Successful Football Coach

13 Nov 2018 08:32 pm, by MOTForum

Anyone can become a football coach! Yet to be successful, it will require an extra effort and is a bit more challenging. However, if this has always been a goal of yours, it’s worth you taking the time to sit down and review tips for how you can thrive in your role.

Remember: Becoming the best football coach you can is a process. There will be a learning curve, so you need to remain patient with yourself as you develop and grow your skills. It’s important to find a mentor and someone who you trust to help show you the way and who will be willing to offer you up some helpful advice. With that in mind, follow the tips below to become a successful football coach.

Play the Sport Yourself

You’ll learn the ins and outs of the sport a lot faster and be a more successful coach when you play football yourself! It’ll be more challenging to try to tell your players what to do if you don’t understand the rules and have never been on the field.

Sign up for a league as soon as possible so that you can start to get a better feel for what it’s like to play football and what some of the biggest challenges are as you compete. Ask as many questions as possible because by doing so, you can quickly improve your abilities and comprehend all that goes into participating in the sport.

Obtain the Required Coaching Licensing & Education

Become a more successful football coach by obtaining the required licensing and getting the proper education to be in this role. If money is an issue and causing you any hesitations, then go online and read this! You’ll be able to hop on the internet and secure the funds you need so you can follow your dreams of being a football coach.

Plan ahead and clear your schedule because you’ll need to be focused and have the time to attend classes and study for the exams. Once you’re licensed, you’ll have an easier time landing a job.

Additionally: It’s essential to gain as much experience coaching as possible if you ultimately want to be successful at it and work your way up to the top. The more seasons and years you go through as a coach, the more likely you’ll be to get better in your role. It may be a wise idea to start as an assistant coach or be a helper on a team before you go after a head coaching position. Learn from the best in the industry and observe what they’re doing so you can improve yourself. Continue to not only help your players develop and grow but work on your personal development coaching skills in your downtime as well.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Accept that as a new coach you’re going to make mistakes and have a few regrets every so often! Instead of focusing on what you’ve done wrong, you can work on learning from your mistakes, so you don’t repeat the same ones in the future. Learn from your mistakes by:

• Taking notes about what you did and how you will approach the situation differently going forward.
• Reminding yourself that no one’s perfect. You’re doing the best job you can with what you know!
• You’ll be more successful over the long-term when you continue to push forward and don’t dwell on your errors.

Recruit Top Players

Your team is going to be that much better, and you’ll be that much more successful when you make an effort to recruit top players. Recruitment is an integral part of the job and the more focused you are on this task, the more likely it is that your team will win matches. It goes both ways, so the more successful you are, the more likely talented football players will want to be on your side too. Your job will be much easier when you have people who are committed to performing well and already have a strong skill set for you to develop and a solid foundation for you to work from. Focus on bringing players onboard who you believe have potential and who show an interest in wanting to get better.

Focus on the Fundamentals

Keep in mind that football is all about how well you can pass and dribble the ball and maneuver around the field. You’ll be a more successful football coach and have a more talented team when you put your time and energy into focusing on the fundamentals of the sport. It’s important to schedule regular practices where you can go over these skills and work to have everyone improve their abilities. Learn them yourself so that you can become a good role model and properly show your team how each move should be performed. Be a good teacher and give your players room to improve over time slowly.

Off the pitch, another fundamental is certainly communication. Clear communication is essential if you want to become a successful football coach. You need to be able to give directions without your team quickly feeling confused or becoming uninterested in what you’re trying to explain. Improve communication by:

• Be friendly in your approach
• Also be forward and show that you mean business, so your players take you seriously.
• Encourage and praise your players so that they have a desire to want to do a better job and not give up on themselves.
• Keep in mind that listening is just as essential, if not more so, than what you verbally say.
• Take notice of your body language during practices and matches too and make sure it’s positive.


Coaching is never an easy job but it can be a very rewarding position to be in, and you’ll likely learn a lot about yourself throughout the process. Become a more successful coach by putting this advice into action. Give yourself the opportunity to learn and grow as you become more comfortable in your role. Have a positive attitude and remember that while winning is important, it’ll likely come more naturally if you have the other elements in place.