Can Leeds Hold Firm?

23 Jan 2019 02:30pm, by YorkshireSquare

As we enter the new year, 28 games have been played, and Leeds are sitting at the top of the Championship table one point clear of second place Norwich City. Holding this position has become a little more precarious with a run of four losses. The next six games will be the deciding factor as to whether the Blades can maintain the top spot or whether they fall from grace, so who are they up against next? analyse their next matches in an attempt to predict their movements.

The outcome of this match should be an easy win for Leeds, as Rotherham face a relegation battle; however, it has to be said that this is one team that plays a stronger game at home. It will be interesting to see if this psychological advantage transposes to a Rotherham win or if the stronger team at Leeds can stroll through the 90 minutes with relative ease. This is perhaps their least challenging game for a while so the team shouldn’t get complacent as the rest of their futures look somewhat trickier.

Norwich City
Whether this will be a battle between first and second place teams will depend on the results of Rotherham v Leeds and Sheffield United v Norwich but whatever happens at those matches, the time has come for these two giants to face off. Happy at home Leeds have the advantage however Norwich have been playing well and will be coming to Elland Road on the back of their win against West Brom and, they will be hoping Sheffield United. This is a harder game to call, and unless a win at Rotherham sends their confidence back up, they could be feeling slightly knocked with their run of defeats.

In the second week of February Leeds meet Middlesbrough who are currently sitting fifth in the table. This will be another tough match, as Leeds head away to take on this strong side who are in that perfectly balanced position to hit for the top or fall away. This is a really tough match to call as both sides show strength and weaknesses that are closely matched.

A return to Elland Road for the Swansea match should see a win for Leeds. Swansea are currently in 9th position on the table and to be fair have a good squad but, Leeds on paper are the stronger side and should make an easy win of this match.

Although currently only pulling 14th on the table, QPR are known to give Leeds a run for their money and could prove to be formidable opponents with their home advantage. A hard to call match.

Facing off at home against 23rd placed Bolton should be a walk in the park for Leeds, this is one match that on paper looks easy to call. Bolton have a good team, but Leeds should be stronger and faster securing their win.

West Brom
For their last fixture of the upcoming seven, Leeds take on West Brom who are sitting strong in third place. The last time these two teams met Leeds were away and took a 4-1 spanking. They will need to dig deep to avoid replication.