Here’s to Gianni Alioski, our total pain

02 Mar 2019 10:29 am, by YorkshireSquare

Between Massimo Celino and Victor Orta Leeds United have signed some bang average players from European leagues over the last few seasons. So when Ezgjan 'Gianni' Alioski turned up in the summer of 2017 from Swiss side Lugano with his Eurodance bleach blonde hair, earing and baseball cap on back to front it was easy to think he was all style over substance. But for all the style there is certainly substance to Alioski game.

The cheesy promotional videos from his agent may have made it seem like it was all about ‘Gianni’ but over the past couple of seasons Alioski has proved himself to be one of Leeds United’s most dependable players. The only ever-present player for Leeds United in the league this season he runs a marathon distance every game and never gives up. Now he’s worked out the off-side rule he is even more effective.

Video courtesy of @LUFC_Goals

It’s not just about his work-rate either, he is an absolute pain to play against. He is a master at winding up opposition players. He runs hard, chases down every ball, closes down the opposition and when he does get tackled he gets straight back up and tries to win it straight back. He knows all the tricks too, niggling at opponents, holding on to the ball when they have a free kick or throw in, an expert at wasting time.

People hate playing against him, you can see it in their eyes, he winds them up so much they get themselves booked. He wins nearly two free kicks every game. That kind of behaviour is always going to make you a favourite with the Leeds fans. His contribution to Leeds as an attacking force has been extremely valuable too, in 2,979 minutes on the pitch he has scored 7 goals, provided 5 assists and averages 2 key passes every game.

Video courtesy of @LUFC_Goals

But his transformation in recent weeks starting at left back has been sensational. Barry Douglas was one of the summers key signings but he will now find it hard to work his way into the team at left back ahead of Alioski. From 11 games at left back Alioski has scored 4 goals with 4 assists, that’s sensational form in anyone’s book.

So here is to Gianni Alioski, our bleach blonde, off-side loving, Macedonian total pain in the arse!