Leeds United fan invited to lead out teams

13 Mar 2019 10:16 am, by YorkshireSquare

A Leeds United fan has been invited by Ipswich Town to lead the teams out onto the pitch when they go head to head later on this season. Alex Skeel, who has made headlines recently due to his appearance in a BBC documentary about domestic abuse against male victims, has been offered the chance as a show of support for going public with his story. 23-Year-old Skeel has praised his fellow football fans for all the support that they have given him over the last few months, especially in light of how seldom male abuse cases are publicised.

The harrowing documentary, entitled “Abused By My Girlfriend” tells the story of Skeel, who is based in Bedford and is an avid fan of the club, and how he survived abuse while in a five-year relationship. During the relationship he was the victim of physical abuse that eventually became life threatening.

Jordan Worth, his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his son, has since been sentenced to seven years in prison, and has become the first female in the United Kingdom to receive sentencing for a crime of this nature. Since the documentary aired, Skeel has been raising awareness and funds to help others that are in the same situation.

Alex Skeel’s Ordeal

The story gained wide attention throughout the media, which included from Ipswich Town, who hosted Marcelo Bielsa’s team during the final day of the Champion season. The club then invited Alex to lead the teams as they enter the field, something that he has accepted gladly.

Talking about the invitation, Skeel said that he heard via the grapevine that people on Twitter that were asking for bucket collections for the Mankind Initiative, but that receiving this kind of invitation is beyond what he had expected, and he can’t wait to thank all of the fans and the team at Ipswich.

He has also spoken briefly about the documentary that followed his abuse and stated that over the six months that they filmed, he didn’t know what impact or reception it would receive, but it garnered a total of 5 million views on social media and became incredibly well-known throughout the UK and across the rest of the world too.

Approached to Lead The Teams

The two teams are at opposite ends of the Championship table at the moment, with Ipswich at the bottom of the table, nine points off from being safe and needing the skill and strategy required by online blackjack to get them back in form. On the other hand, Leeds stands the chance of winning the tournament completely, if their latest game goes well.

The match on the final day could see both teams final for the second tier for at least another season, with Ipswich likely to leave the event entirely while the Whites are fighting to return to the Premier League after 14 years of not participating.

Adding to his statement, Skeel said that he has a good feeling that their promotion will have already been confirmed, and he hopes it’s a party atmosphere with Leeds, and that he wants to thank everyone for their kind messages and support.

He is also currently heading a charity run for BPR-Tigers, which is a charity football team that aim to raise funds for the male domestic abuse charity Mankind.