LUFC’s Automatic Promotion Hopes Over? I Didn't Hear No Bell!

22 Mar 2019 08:45pm, by YorkshireSquare

Well last Saturday was a kick in the balls. Angry, fed up, frustrated, all sorts of emotions. So we dust ourselves down and move on. All is not lost, one point is the gap to 2nd, five points to 1st, twenty-four points to play for. Nobody has achieved anything yet, nobody is promoted, nobody is planning their party. Everything is still to play for, promotion is still there to be won. The team can’t dwell, there isn’t time for that, were unlucky, but we lost, we learn and go again.

Now we must show why we are the only side to never drop below 4th this season, and that was only for about a week, we haven’t dropped below 3rd for the majority of the season and it’s been rare that we have been out of the top two. We have spent more time top than Norwich, we have spent more time in the top two than Sheffield United and Norwich combined. We have been the only constant in the automatic promotion race since game one.

We have proven we can beat the better teams, we have proven we and we alone can sustain an automatic promotion push since the start of the season, we have proven we can bounce back. Should we fail to get automatic then fair play Sheffield United and Norwich because they will have deserved but having come so far this season, having done so well, having been able to sustain an automatic promotion push despite a dreadful injury list since early season, having done all that it would be devastating to fall so late on.

LUFC Rise Up video by @TheEditPods

Maybe January will cost us again, maybe we should have done more, maybe we should have been more ambitious in the summer. But we have done so well to get this close that maybe just maybe perhaps this is our year. We may never get a better chance, we are the underdogs now but we were the underdogs before the season even started against promotion and title favourites Stoke City.

Last Saturday was a blow but it doesn’t have to be a knockout one, we can still get up off the canvas and mount a comeback. Bring on Millwall!