Manchester United, still absolutely love to hate LUFC!

23 Mar 2019 08:37 pm, by YorkshireSquare

It's 15 years since we were in the same league as them and we've only played them twice in that time. The famous 1-0 victory in the FA Cup in 2010 at Old Trafford thanks to Jermaine Beckford and a 3-0 loss in the League Cup at Elland Road in 2011. But they miss us, they still hate us with a passion. It's almost guaranteed that come the much-hyped Manchester United vs Liverpool games they spend a large amount of time singing about us. They miss Leeds United.

And who can blame them? We're a proper club with history and a history of playing and competing against the biggest names in English and European football. Let’s face it, trips to Bournemouth, Brighton and Huddersfield hardly set the heart racing, do they? The Premier League has been sanitised beyond all belief since we left, but down in the wilderness we’ve not had all our rough edges knocked off. We’re still Leeds and we’re still dirty.

37,000 vitriolic Yorkshiremen singing and shouting at you in the hostile cauldron of Elland Road is a different ball game to the prawn sandwich eaters at Craven Cottage or people ambling back from a VIP cheese room. Opposition fans absolutely love to hate us, especially Manchester United fans. So much so in fact that there is a recent feature entitled 'Do we want Leeds United to win promotion?' on their official website. The answer? Of course they bloody do!

Paul Davies, editor of United Review said; “Do I miss them in the Premier League? Not especially. But would I rather play them at Old Trafford and visit Elland Road than some of the other clubs in contention to come up? Absolutely. It’s a cautious yes from me.” Steve Bartram, features editor for their official site said; “Yes, definitely. In the strangest of ways. I’ve missed them. Beyond games against City, Liverpool, Spurs, Chelsea and Arsenal, so many domestic fixtures feel the same. Facing Leeds is a proper, old-fashioned rivalry based on mutual distaste, without any added complications. For me, trips to Elland Road should be part of the calendar and I’d welcome them back with open arms.”

Joe Ganley, club reporter said; “Yes. Games at Elland Road are arguably even more intense than our trips to City or Liverpool, and Yorkshire is severely under-represented in the Premier League. Leeds’s return to the top flight would potentially make things more difficult for United on the pitch but these fixtures are what make football special. Plus, there’s an added factor: Marcelo Bielsa. He’s one of the most fascinating managers of his generation, and his sides play bold, brave, entertaining stuff. As a football fan, I’d be intrigued to see him in the league.”