Football events in 2019 to look forward to

02 May 2019 09:19 am, by YorkshireSquare

If you’re a football lover, then 2019 seems a very good year for you. There are a lot of events and tournaments taking place, so you have a lot to be excited for. You have the chance to support your favorite teams too if you bet on football at If you already can’t contain your excitement, here are some of 2019’s most important football events to look forward to:

UEFA Nations League

If you couldn’t wait much longer, then you’re lucky, because the UEFA Nations League will return this autumn. Basically, there will be 55 nations divided into 4 divisions. In September, October and November, these nations will have double matchdays. Afterward, League A teams will choose a winner.

You most likely don’t want to miss seeing England, Spain, Germany, and France given how popular they are, so make sure you look up football betting websites in advance.

2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup

Women are great at football, and the teams participating in the big FIFA Women’s World Cup can easily prove it. Being the eighth edition of this tournament, you’re sure to see some serious teams battling to be on top. The event will take place between 7 June and 7 July 2019, so get ready to place your bets.

2019-2020 UEFA Champions League

Don’t hesitate to check the football betting odds for the 65th edition of the UEFA Champions League. Its final is going to take place in Turkey, exactly in the capital, Istanbul. The teams that win this tournament will qualify for the 2020-2021 UEFA Champions League group stage, and if you’re a big football fan, you want to be there to see who wins.

Football is so amazing because it’s giving you something to be excited for, and even get the chance to support the hard-working players. Don’t miss the chance to watch the matches and bet on your favorite teams.