Leeds United and the five stages of mourning

05 May 2019 05:20 pm, by YorkshireSquare

They say there are five stages of mourning, well it’s feels like Leeds United fans have been through them all in the last few weeks…

Denial, Wigan
Wigan have a defender sent off, a missed penalty, but a Bamford special puts us 1-0 up. Easy Street. Then Kiko falls, horribly exposed at his near post it’s 1-1. Second half, anxiety reigns. Then the inevitable cross into the box, cushioned header to Massey and he nods it in. Kiko flat footed this time. This can’t be happening? Over 30 shots on goal! Is this a bad dream? This can’t be really happening!

Anger, Brentford
Always a hard place to go… but ref that was a stone wall pen! Are you blind? The Bees score on the stroke of half time and the heads are down. No answers from the team. At the same time Sheffield United, despite missing key players, shake of their anxieties and pile on the points. Why can’t we win in London? The news filters out that Alioski will play no part in the rest of our season.

Bargaining , Aston Villa
Points shared, 1-1. Come on lads can’t we even beat a team with only nine men on the pitch? What about Izzy Brown? Can he fix our problems? Why isn’t he getting a run in the side? Oh please not another ban? Bamford to miss two games! What about that punch? What about our good will gesture letting them score? No more headlines please, not more distractions for the players. Not another EFL sanction hanging over us? Can’t we find a way through this nightmare?

Depression, Ipswich
Same players, same tactics, same outcome. Piling up the numbers in the chances created column. How many times on the commentary from the Beeb this season: “Attempt missed. (Leeds United)” A right footed shot from outside the box is too high, far too lax in front of goal, way too generous in defence. I can’t do anything to stop it. 1-0, 1-1, 2-1, 2-2, missed penalty. It’s all so surreal. Kiko the clown in the final minute handing a relegated team 3 points. 3-2 One point from the final 12 in the run in.

That’s it! Our chance is gone, promotion blown. With this form we will never win the play-offs. That peaceful place where the facts are the facts. Reality sets in. Time to move on. Time to start to let go...

But not yet! Not until there is final proof that my beloved Leeds United’s promotion hopes have breathed their last. Maybe after this appalling run of form, with the life force of our promotion chances ebbing away with every shallow breath, maybe just maybe the pulse will strengthen, the patient will start to stir. Maybe, next week we will be revived. We’ve seen it before season, remember Blackburn, Villa and Millwall (Twice)!

No need to fish out the black tie. Not yet. I just can’t give up.

Wherever there is hope there is love. I have both. Not sure it will be enough but it is all I have got.

Content by Irish Ian from the In Mourning thread on our message boards.