There is nothing quite like Elland Road on nights like these

15 May 2019 11:14 am, by YorkshireSquare

It may be a glorious day in Leeds today, the sun rising high in the clear blue sky, it’s rays cast across the beautiful billiard table like pitch of the Peacock Ground, shimmering brightly off the magnificent new East Stand roof, a twinkle in the eye of the bronze god on the corner of the Lowfields Road, but tonight Elland Road will become a fierce cauldron of noise. You can keep the fabled Spion Kop behind it’s Paisley Gates, you can keep the Gallowgate End because there is nothing quite like Elland Road on nights like these.

The crowds decked out in their colours come from all corners, across Holbeck Moor, under the Lowfields Road tunnel, down Wesley Street, up from the Drysalters they all converge on Beeston. Streaming through the turnstiles like ants and out into the magnificent arena. The vociferous chants will rise, loud and forceful from North and South. Despite the heat scarfs of white, blue and yellow (Laid out by Victor Orta himself) will twirl in the air to the East and West. 35,000 voices loud, proud and in unity sing. Everyday, everywhere they stand up and sing for Leeds United for they are the greatest in the land!

For too long the fans have not had a team to match their dedication and support, players have crumbled in the presence of the Elland Road atmosphere before but this season is different. Bound together by the fiery South American heart of Marcelo Bielsa, driven on by the Spanish flair of Pablo Hernandez this team had a never say die attitude. This season has been fraught with controversy and setbacks, but they have, for the main part come through. The job isn’t done yet but tonight with their twelfth man around them, chanting their names, cheering them on they can do this.

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Irish Ian wrote on 15 May 2019 03:15 pm