Is Helder Costa the shining light Leeds United have been missing?

05 Jul 2019 10:53 pm, by YorkshireSquare

Every team that gets promoted has that one player who shines brightest. The one player you look at and think "If he wasn’t their then they wouldn't be going up". Sometimes it’s the Captain, sometimes it’s the top scorer, sometimes its someone different. For Wolves it was Ruben Neves, for Newcastle it was Dwight Gayle, for Norwich it was Teemu Pukki, for Brighton it was Anthony Knockaert and for QPR it was Adel Taarabt. Have we found our shining light in Helder Costa?

The Portugal international has previous for being a clubs shining light, he single handedly saved Paul Lambert's Wolves from relegation to League One a few years ago. His star may have dimmed since but he did make his Portugal debut just last season so it must still be shining somewhere. Over the last few years our shining light has been Pablo Hernandez, for three years he has seemingly been the deciding factor in our performances, Pablo plays well then so do we, if he doesn’t then we don’t.

Can Costa be the man to take over Pablo's mantle, of course Pablo still has a role to play but he can’t be expected at 34 to be our difference maker every game anymore. We need someone to be our Taarabt, Knockaert, we need someone to be the player opposition fans look at and think "Damn, I wish he wasn’t playing". Helder Costa is potentially that man!

His pace, tricks and skill bamboozled defenders when he was last in the Championship (Just ask Gentano Berardi). His goals and assists thrilled the Wolves fans, and his ability to be a match winner when all of his teammates seemed to have given up was the difference between Wolves being Championship title Winners in 2018 and not sat festering in League One.

There will not be a single rival Championship teams fan who doesn’t wish they had signed Helder Costa, deep down they would all have him in their sides. He may not have shone as brightly for Wolves over the previous season like he did in his 1st, but if there is one manager in world football who can help him be that player again it’s Marcelo Bielsa. Talent isn't something Costa lacks, its maybe confidence or attitude or fitness.

Bielsa is world renowned for improving players, he doesn’t need to improve Costa, just help him find himself again. If Bielsa can do that then Helder Costa has every chance in the Summer 2020 of being that shining light that every promotion winning side has. We have asked Bielsa to perform miracles before, helping Helder Costa rediscover his form should be a walk in the park for him.

Content by Cjay from the Shining Light? thread on our message boards.