The Burley Banksy, painting Leeds white, yellow and blue

14 Jul 2019 08:58 pm, by YorkshireSquare

Last season was a fantastic one for Leeds United, despite ultimately missing out on promotion a sense of pride was restored to the city by Marcelo Bielsa and his team. Leeds United shirts were worn more and more around the city but there was another surprising emergence of the white, blue and yellow courtesy of Andy McVeigh, the Burley Banksy. Telecoms cabinets and bollards around Elland Road and across the city have been painted in Leeds United colours by Leeds fan, musician and amateur artist Andy in tribute to his beloved Leeds United. Andy told the Yorkshire Evening Post…

There are a lot of objects and boxes around the route to Elland Road which looked really dull so I just thought it would be great to see them looking a bit nicer. I try and ask friends if they have any spare paint but who has bright yellow or blue paint? I use pound shop brushes and by the paint myself, I am not an artist at all I just love doing it.

The cabinets of various shapes and sizes now feature Leeds United chants, famous kit designs and the names and numbers of some of United’s greatest players. Be it the classic Burton kit of the 80s, Yeboah 21, ‘We are Leeds’ or ‘Vamos Leeds Carajo’ in tribute to Marcelo Bielsa signing up for a second season the decorated cabinets have brought colour and cheer to my daily commute and to plenty of match goers. Andy is always driving around ready to spot the next best place to paint and has no intention of stopping. Here are some of the designs you can spot around Leeds.

Did this. We are. We don't have a choice. It'd be boring being anybody else anyway. (Kirkstall Road).

Shirts on Gelderd Road. From when I started going regularly and was bitten by the life affirming/destroying bug that is #lufc.

Did this on Gelderd Road. Took me 4 evenings, like painting the bloody Forth Bridge! I must be nuts.

Kelly and Yeboah designs, on Gelderd Road, Thistle Hotels - tastic. We All Love Leeds on Kirkstall Road. The 1990 (Top Man) promotion shirt, at Kirkstall lights. Tony Yeboah, opposite South Stand.

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