Roofe sale would show a serious lack of ambition from Leeds

02 Aug 2019 10:52 am, by YorkshireSquare

I’ve felt fairly positive about Leeds United so far this summer, I mean this has to be the most exciting time to support Leeds United in many years doesn’t it? With Marcelo Bielsa signed up for another season we can look forward to his attacking brand of football for another campaign, one where we hopefully push for automatic promotion. My positivity has come from one man, Bielsa himself and I have to trust in this journey he is taking us on. Minor miracles were performed with the squad we already had last season and you would hope they could push on further following another 12 months with the mercurial Argentinian.

For Bielsa to have signed up for his second season you would think that he sat down with the club and planned the transfer strategy, that he had his demands and red lines. After all he is famous for walking out if his expectations are not met. The sale of Clarke was a blow, even if it was expected, but it must have been part of Bielsa’s strategy. We have brought in Costa in the same area and brought back Clarek in on load so overall are better off than we were. Jansson was the more contentious sale, Beilsa clearly rates Ben White but it does feel like a massive weakening of the squad in an are we were already suspect. Still, it seemed like Bielsa’s decision and I trust his judgement.

Rumours of a Kemar Roofe move to Anderlecht concern me though. £7 million for a player with one year left on his contract seems like a good deal but he is vital, to Bielsa’s system. The best striker at the club last season he was on for a big total until injury curtailed his season. A natural in front of goal, with movement and one touch finishes that seem to elude Bamford. Roofe has a very high football IQ and his versatility seems to make him the perfect Bielsa striker. Selling Roofe would be a major blow to our promotion push, showing a real lack of ambition. Starting next season without him would seem like a major backward step, unless the club have a marquee signing lined up with all the money brought in this summer.

Dwight Gayle is the name banded about by fans this summer but a hefty price tag and wage demands would seem to rule that possibility out. The other name that refuses to go away is Ryan Kent, who Bielsa watched in a pre-season friendly last month. Not an out and out striker, but that seems not to matter to Bielsa, he is unproven up front at this level. A definite backward step from Roofe. For all my positivity this summer, my defence of Radrizzani, my trust in Beilsa it would take a big knock if Roofe were to be sold.

This season was supposed to be about building on what we achieved last year, you don’t do that by selling your top striker. Not without bringing in a seriously high quality replacement anyway!

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John in Louisiana wrote on 02 Aug 2019 12:54 pm

To your list of positive attributes let's not forget to add Roofe's phenomenal work rate. How many times last year did we see him back in our own box breaking up an opponent's attack and then be ahead of the ball on the counter? I am certain everyone else worked harder for having Roofe on the pitch. All Leeds, he is.

There had better be one hell of a striker lined up if he goes.