Find the best video ads format for Facebook for your fast promotion

05 Aug 2019 01:07 pm, by YorkshireSquare

Many business owners use video advertising platforms for the promotion of their services and products. Let’s observe the best video formats for Facebook, which really work

Social networks are extremely popular among modern users. They are used by the people of various age, gender, education, and location. That’s why many marketers prefer using social networks for the promotion of their brands alongside with various video advertising platforms (such as One of the most popular platforms in the world is Facebook. It is used by thousands of users for communication, information sharing, purchases, and other purposes. That’s why the marketers also apply it to tell more about their product and create various advertising campaigns.

Top video ads formats on Facebook

Facebook is a network, which has its own features. It is vital to know the rules and requirements when creating video ads on this social network. Consider the most popular and effective formats, which will allow you earning more and attracting more customers:
  • Vertical videos. People are usually very positive about this type of video ad. The trend is connected with the growing application of mobile devices for creating videos by users. The marketers also start using this format for the creation of attractive and effective adverts. The users are more likely to watch such videos until the end. Besides, they keep the sound on in the majority of cases. Such a format is also applied for the creation of interesting stories on Facebook. This is the best format for those, who want to make their content seen.
  • Video carousels. It is possible to use up to 10 videos or pictures creating a united content. It is possible to use video carousels to show one product and its features or to demonstrate several products with separate links. It is also a nice choice if you want to tell a story about your brand. Facebook is able to optimize such videos. Thus, more attractive ones will appear first. It is a good choice for building brand awareness and increasing the engagement of the users.
  • In-stream videos. It is the best choice if you want to reach a broader audience. It is a kind of mid-roll adverts, which can be shown on Facebook and Audience Networks. The length of the video must be 5-15 seconds according to the requirements. With the help of in-stream videos, it is also possible to increase brand awareness and the engagement of the users.
  • Sponsored live videos. With such videos, it is possible to reach a broader audience. Among them, there are non-profit customers, whose task is to reach and attract the other audience. As a result, you may not just increase the number of clients but also make the number of views larger.

Tips for the creation of an effective video advert

When you manage to choose the right format for you, it is also vital to understand how to create an effective video ad, which will be interesting for the users. There are several tips, which can help you with this task:

  • Capture the attention of the users as early as possible (making your videos bright and appealing)
  • Make the video as short as possible
  • Tell about your brand in the right way and at the right time (it is advisable to mention it within the first 3 seconds)
  • Think about the optimization of your title/description (for this, it is necessary to constantly monitor the results)
  • Make emphasis on sound off view (as the majority of users have such settings as default)
  • Check the specification of your adverts on Facebook to make it look more attractive
  • Think of the best format (it is advisable to use either vertical or square format)
  • Put your call to action (if there is one) in the middle of the video
  • Think of mobile optimization (as the majority of users apply portable devices to access social networks)
  • Create a real objective you can achieve
  • Keep monitoring KPIs
  • Make sure your objectives correspond to the preferable advert type
  • Try various formats to find the best for your brand