5 Reasons Why We Love the Premier League

22 Aug 2019 08:01 am, by YorkshireSquare

Football is by far the most popular sport in the world, and there are numerous countries around the globe where it is more like a religion than just a sport. Among countless leagues, one of the most popular ones is undoubtedly the Premier League.

Let’s take a closer look at this league and see what makes it stand out from the crowd.

1) Fans and Followers

While football is amazing to watch, it’s nothing without its fans. Just imagine playing on an empty pitch game after game with nobody to cheer or sing club’s songs and anthems and huge stadiums with empty seats without choreography, chanting, and moral support — doesn’t sound appealing, does it?

Luckily for EPL, English fans are some of the fiercest ones out there, whether you’re talking about diehard fans of all ages or the most enthusiastic bettors. What’s more, the EPL is popular even outside the UK and people from all around the world regularly watch and bet on the Premier League.

2) Bettors’ Paradise

There is no denying the fact that English fans love supporting and betting on their teams. As a matter of fact, betting is so popular in the UK that there are numerous places like this website where you can regularly check out the best odds on the market.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve bet before or not; it takes anyone mere seconds before they learn how to claim a free bet no deposit sports bet in the UK, which makes betting one of the favourite leisure activities among EPL fans.

With the league well underway, you can already start betting. What’s more, even though we’re just a few rounds in, sportsbooks are already projecting potential Premier League winners and favouring Manchester United to win the title with 1/2 followed by Liverpool with 14/5, according to SpreadEx.

3) Fierce Rivalries

Anyone who has ever watched football knows that derbies and rivalries is what makes an exciting game of football even better. While any match has the potential to be exciting, fierce rivalries introduce extra tension to the game and make the teams play with much more passion.

Sportsbooks like William Hill and Betfair continuously provide anyone looking to bet with the best odds. Plus, since those games are usually close, chances are you might end up making a quick profit by supporting your team.

And the best thing about it? There are a ton of those rivalries in the EPL.

4) Financial Status

In order to have a strong league, you need to ensure that the league is financially stable. As the overall wealth of the league increases, the league attracts players of the highest calibre, which, in return, directly translates to better-quality football.

However, more fans means a better opportunity for marketing, which is why a lot of online sportsbooks like 32Red, bet365, and Fun88 can be seen sponsoring various football clubs in the Premier League.

5) Competitiveness

A lot of leagues share the same problem — among 10, 20, or even 30 clubs, one or two of them dominate the league year after year while it feels the rest of them are there just to fill the empty positions.

When it comes to the EPL, there are a lot of clubs that have been at the top of the tables for decades and, among them, anyone can beat anyone on a good day. As a result, this makes the EPL unpredictable and exciting to watch.