Bielsa’s steadfastness is a quality that should be admired

01 Sep 2019 02:00 pm, by YorkshireSquare

Content by rab_rant from our Marcelo Bielsa Post Swansea discussion thread.

There is this idea going around that Bielsa is too stubborn to make changes. Eddie is the new kid on the block, the pretender to the throne of King Paddy. We see his movement and pace and compare it to Bamford and the fans are clamour for him to start games. The same with Costa, we are all dazzled with those flashes of brilliance, but the fans all say Bielsa is too stubborn to give them a start, all the while forgetting that Bamford for all his lack of pace and misplaced headers has scored 4 goals in 6 league games… extrapolate that for the whole season and that’s 30 goals. You’d take that.

Bielsa is not interested in the flavour of the month. If we know anything about the man he is a man of principle and integrity, and the fans confuse this with stubbornness. He always defends his players and selections, never makes excuses, never blames the referee, and these three aspects are always attacked by the fans... play Eddie instead of Paddy... why bring on Douglas for Alioski... if the referee had one more eye he would be a cyclops.

Win and the fans are elated, loose and the fans are deflated... they are tossed about by the waves of fortune, ruled by emotion. Thank God Bielsa is an anchor that holds fast, and steadies the ship, I don't think he cares much for the individual talent of a player, he is more interested on how that talent can be integrated into the team. Individual brilliance may score the odd goal, but what typifies and dazzles in Bielsa ball is a goal scored by team work... now that makes your heart sing.

Dare I say it the clamour of the fans to replace one player with another only brings discord and confusion. Elevates the confidence of one at the expensive of another. I bet that the thought that Bielsa has is live in harmony with one another. Do not be haughty, Never be wise in your own sight.

And there you have it, teamwork instilling a confidence in players that they can rely and depend on each other. How often have you seen a striker point to his feet and with an exasperated look shake his head as if to say... you should have passed the ball to me? It is an old saying "Side before self" and that is the dynamic Bielsa is trying to create.

He is not stubborn he is steadfast, and that is a quality that should be admired.