Bamford v Nketiah, Why does it have to be so binary?

23 Oct 2019 11:27 am, by YorkshireSquare

And here we have it the old binary solution... everything has to be black and white, wrong and right, up or down, there is no room for a middle ground. It would seem that the opinions of football fans lie at the extremes on the bell curve. Bamford with no goals and a high work rate occupies one end of the curve and Nketiah with goals and relatively little tracking back ability occupies the other end.

Bielsa remarked at the game at one moment the crowd were chanting Eddie Eddie Eddie to get him on to the field, and in the very next instant the chant was Dudududu Patrick Bamford. Seems that they can hardly make up their minds what they want.

The trouble is that at either end of the spectrum there are only a small proportion of the fans at opposite extremes with each other, and the vast majority fall in the centre of the bell curve and are swayed one way or the other by the extreme views expressed by the more vocal... and they both hold that their views are the only correct interpretation of the situation.

It is thesis (Bamford) and antithesis (Nketiah) and the middle ground of synthesis is never discussed. We are only ever presented with the "either or argument" Bamford or Nketiah and a compromise that involves both players never gets air time.

It should be noted that if there is a synthesis that involves both Bamford and Nketiah this then becomes the new thesis and if it does not work out then a new antithesis is proposed with the objective of finding a new synthesis, and the process is one of refinement until you come to a team selection that is optimal for achieving wins.

I don't think Bielsa takes into account the extremes and what he looks at is to get the best out of the team as a whole... and I believe that if he solved the problem of not scoring goals then the next thing that would be thrown in his face would be conceding goals in the last minutes of the game to inferior opposition, or the lack of strength in the midfield.

Fans are always able to point the finger at areas where there is a lack and rarely do they focus on the good. They get out their magnifying glass and concentrate on one specific small detail, and by so doing they are unable to see the big picture.

That is what Bielsa is getting paid for.

Content by rab_rant from the Bamford v Nketiah thread in our discussion forums.