Marcelo Bielsa, A Reality Check

23 Oct 2019 11:34am, by YorkshireSquare

By its very nature football is a passionate game, it evokes emotion and debate. None more so than the Bamford versus Nketiah debate. On Tuesday night against Preston Bamford fluffed his lines yet again, six shots none of which were on target, whilst Eddie saved the day with a 87th minute equaliser. The debate raged, be it on the coaches home or on social media, who should start? Bamford or Nketiah? Some questioned Marcelo Bielsa’s decisions, his methods, some even questioned his future at the club. But in the shadow of a draw that felt like two points dropped, as emotions run high we should take a reality check.

To put things into context we are second in the Championship, two points of the leaders having won one more game than at the same stage last season. We have never been below fifth with Bielsa as head coach. He has been an inspiration, a genius who took a mid-table team and turned them into promotion contenders, without him we fall away again. Could anyone do better with the current squad we have? Bielsa has brought not just the playing side but the entire club forward in leaps and bounds since he came in last summer.

Of course Bielsa is not perfect, he is an idealist, loyal to his players, perhaps stubborn. The fans views are born out of frustration at this stubbornness. A frustration from dominating games but not scoring, from making the same mistakes as last season, from seeing us miss out on promotion again. As supporters it’s only right we have our say, shout from the stands, argue in the pub, debate on social media. But Marcelo Bielsa is the man with the vision, with the plan and so far it has served us well. Standing second in a below par Championship we have every chance of gaining promotion and Marcelo Bielsa is the man to get us there.

He may need to be more flexible but we certainly shouldn’t be calling for his head.