Radrizzani and Al-Khelaifi in 'Very close circle'

24 Oct 2019 07:33 am, by Ellandback1

Good Morning. It's Thursday 24th October, and here are the Leeds Utd headlines...

Phil Hay - Not sure how Bielsa can continue to leave Nketiah out

Leeds journalist Phil Hay has responded to fans regarding Eddie Nketiah being included in the starting line up on Saturday. Speaking from his twitter account, the former Chief football writer for the YEP said as follows;

@PhilHay_ wrote: Eddie rescues it. Quality header. There comes a time when domination leading to a shortage of goals requires a rethink and it feels like we're at that point. Not sure how Bielsa can continue to leave Nketiah out.

Will there be a backlash if Nketiah is not in the starting line up, or is the Argentine still in the position with most fans that he cannot do wrong? Will fans turn on Bielsa if we are not even in the play off mix, come May? Lets be honest, when have we had a better second part of the season, compared to the first?

Wright clarifies what he told Nketiah regarding which club to choose

Ian Wright has clarified what he said to Nketiah regarding whether to join Bristol City or Leeds on the season long loan. The 20 yo even had his medical booked at Ashton Gate, but obviously to the Robins disappointment, did not turn up.

Everyone’s talking about the fact I advised him to go to Leeds but what I said to him was that he’ll score goals at both of those clubs, it depends on the level of pressure you want to put on yourself in respect of having to score those goals. In the end he chose Leeds but at the same time, you know what happened with Tammy Abraham and how they create chances here.

French Journalist Radrizzani and Al-Khelaifi 'Very close circle'

French journalist Romain Molina has been speaking to the press regarding Andrea Radrizzani's relationship with Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, the Chairman of Qatar Sports Investments and President of PSG.

Andrea Radrizzani is a great friend of Nasser Al-Khelaïfi’s. We’re talking about the very, very close circle. That friendship is something that has helped Leeds get closer to the Qatari investment fund. Marcelo Bielsa’s side are one that has been in the ‘Qatari fold for a long time’. The club’s youngsters go to Qatar. The club subscribes to Qatari projects. The closeness with Qatar was already clear.”

Raphaël Le Magoaeriec, a specialist on sport politics in the Middle East, expanded on the subject...

With PSG, Qatar has an important relay for its foreign politics within political and cultural areas, but the problem is what’s on the pitch because the club is only judged on their Champions League results because Ligue 1 is too weak. With Leeds, QSI could count on the glamour of the English league to develop its image.

It’s all a business to them, but for Molina, Radrizzani’s interview was a bit strange.

To have an interview, like he did with the Times, is something very rare in this operation. I don’t see the point, except maybe to wake up the potential other two buyers.

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Fri Oct 25, 2019 10:22 pm
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No need for the sarcasm, it was just a friendly observation as to why the same joke was used twice.

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Both written by Ben Elton.
Go to the top of the class

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Ben Elton never scared to get more than one use out of his jokes

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Both written by Ben Elton.

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Think it was Mike from the Young Ones.
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Blackadder does use it as well in Goes Forth, referring to Baldrick's Charlie Chaplin impression.