Kiko charged by FA but strenuously denies allegation

05 Nov 2019 08:35 am, by Ellandback1

Good Morning. Its Tuesday 5th November, and here is the latest news from Elland Road...

Kiko Charged by FA

Kiko Casilla has been charged by the FA with racially abusing Charlton Athletic's Jonathan Leko during the Championship game between the clubs on September 2

The charge relates to FA Rule E3 which pertains to 'general behaviour' which could include violent conduct, serious foul play, threatening, abusive, indecent or insulting behaviour.

Leeds say he strenuously denies the allegation and has proactively worked with the FA during the investigation to date. He will request a personal hearing.

Should Casilla be found Guilty, it be almost certainly mean that Illan Meslier will be thrown in at the deep end, and although the French International U20 has put together some stunning performances for the U23's, the Championship is a completely different kettle of fish.

It would also mean that one of the currently loanees with have to be omitted from the squad as FA rules state that no more than five can be included. Bielsa consistently uses up his quota. with Meslier the player who narrowly misses out. If he plays, this will almost certainly spell the end of Jack Clarke tenure at Elland Road as he would be the natural choice.

Put yourself in Radrizzani's shoes

Recently we have seen Derby players charged with drink driving, then fleeing the scene, only the Rams hierarchy to fine them six weeks wages, and for business to return to normal. Only Keough has been hung out to dry, and he wasn't even driving! Many believe it had more to do with the players age and saving a considerable salary, especially with Rooney joining Pride Park in January.

In the past we've seen high profile players like Terry, Forestieri and countless others charged and found guilty of racist comments, yet most times the clubs stand by them. I wonder how much pressure will be put on Leeds to terminate the contract of the former Real Madrid keeper, now rated in the 5m bracket. I wonder how quickly thereafter another English team snap him up?

Putting you in the shoes of Radrizzani, should Casilla be found guilty, what punishment would you give him?

Recently Twitter announced they were to make checks on the top 50 black footballers on their social media platform for racist comments!

If we were to be asked to describe someone that was black, would it make you feel nervous / uneasy about how to describe their ethnicity or should more be done to embrace our fellow man?

In other news...

Nketiah expected to be out of action for 3 weeks

Leeds Soccer pundit Noel Whelan has been discussing Nketiah's injury and timescale for recovery!

He has a stomach muscle strain and those are nasty injuries. He was going for a scan and we are awaiting the results of that, but I think he will be unable to play for around three weeks, maybe more. It doesn’t surprise me he has a strain around that region because he is a dynamic player and those types are more prone to them. It will take time to repair the damage, and that is a major blow as he would have started on Saturday.

Milner - Dorigo was boyhood idol

James Milner revealed that his first Leeds shirt with a players name on the back was Tony Dorigo! Perhaps he had a foresight that twenty years later, he too would become one of the best attacking wing backs in the Country! He went on to say that later on, he also had Yeboah and Bowyer!

Alioski injury led to formation change

With Alioski injured last weekend, Bielsa tinkered with formation against QPR and opted to ditch his wing-backs in favour of an extra midfielder and a number ten as he used more of a 3-1-2-3-1 rather than his famed 3-3-1-3.

How do you think it worked?

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SaraM wrote on 05 Nov 2019 11:29 am

Interesting points about Bielsa's reaction, Ian, and I think you are right. If Bielsa judges that Kiko is innocent, he will undoubtedly support him personally, but Bielsa has also made a show of respecting authority, even when it is wrong. I don't think he would openly criticise an FA ruling, or defy whatever official line the club takes. Radz is far more likely to mouth off about it.

Irish Ian wrote on 05 Nov 2019 11:16 am

If the club thinks Kiko isnt guilty or isnt as guilty of what Kiko gets banned for then it should come out and say so.


Or if he is bang to rights he should serve his ban, but I cant see a case for him losing his job.

It is not as if he weighed in worse for wear from alcohol and started throwing chairs at the minimum wage, Asian staff of a well known family restaurant one sunny morning.

Or got involved in another alcohol fuel fracas at a nightclub involving more Asians which led to him getting charged with GBH..

No, this is an alleged COMMENT. There was no fight, no pointing of the fingers, no third parties separating the two protagonists. There doesnt even seem to have been a conversation between the two players.

So this is unlike Foresteri, Suarez, Terry.

But for me Bielsa's reaction will be important here.

Radz may play the politics of the situation and throw Kiko to the wolves, but truth and fairness matter to Bielsa. If he feels that Kiko is dealt with unjustly either by the FA or more importantly by the club it could have implications well beyond not having the services of our No1 keeper for a few games. I fear it could affect his relationship with Leeds. Doing the right thing matters to him. The paying if the 200k fine from his own pocket, allowing Villa to equalize are evidences of this. At heart he is an honest man, that is why everyone finds him do refreshing.

I wonder if his principles would allow him to continue with us if he felt that the club wasnt 100% behind the staff.

SaraM wrote on 05 Nov 2019 11:12 am

I'm all for jazz football.

Do we actually need a goalkeeper, if we just keep the opposition in their own half?

If Kiko maintains his innocence and there is no proof to the contrary, then the club should support him.

I usually refer to people by their names, if I know them, or say, the person over there, or the person in the hat etc.

paddy parrott wrote on 05 Nov 2019 10:42 am

I knew of a fello' one time that I'd describe as a very balanced one.. they'd a Chip on both shoulders.

Ratscoot wrote on 05 Nov 2019 10:28 am

[quote=weasel post_id=751151 time=1572947811 user_id=

If we were to be asked to describe someone that was black, would it make you feel nervous / uneasy about how to describe their ethnicity or should more be done to embrace our fellow man?

A lot depends on your relationship with this person as to what is acceptable or not. People can have nicknames, for example, that would to an outsider be seen as racist but has no real malice to it. It also depends on the person that you would be describing as some people have a chip on their shoulder so you would probably not be able to describe then in any way without them finding offence - a bit like if you held the door open for a woman some would see it as simply good manners whereas some would say you were being sexist. ces that we normally do, looked reasonably secure at the back so the only real difference would appear to be that QPR had more possession - but that could simply be as to how possession is recorded as if QPR possession is counted during the time between when they got 'fouled' and then took the free kick then I am surprised their possession stats weren't much higher as they seemed to be continually falling to the ground.

Please don’t take offence Weasel but I agree with you ;-) , some people will take offence no matter what you say or do. With regards holding a door I do this no matter the sex, colour, age, hair colour, sexual preference of the person following to me it’s just good manners, I do however get offended when the person then just ignores you as if you are a just door stop, because door stops have feelings too and should be treated equally with respect and acknowledged for the top job they do.