Bielsa’s Plan B, Let Confusion Reign

05 Nov 2019 04:56 pm, by YorkshireSquare

The question towards the end of last season and start of this season was; “Have teams worked Leeds United out?”. It’s fair to say teams seem to have been studying Bielsa's 4-1-4-1 and have been setting up accordingly to frustrate Leeds. We have seen in many games the circling of the buses in front of goal by the opposition to thwart the Leeds attack.

But last weekend, with Alioski injured, Bielsa tinkered with formation against QPR and opted to ditch his wing-backs in favour of an extra midfielder and a number ten. However the team setup, we will call it Bielsa Plan B. From the movement of Dallas, Costa and Harrison it was obvious that the commentators did not know what the hell was going on or in which position those players had been assigned to. Was Harrison a left back, a left wing back, or a left winger? If the commentators were confused then just think how the opposition felt.

In the final third both Costa and Harrison rather than going the traditional route of the winger of passing the man on the outside, heading to the byline and putting a cross in (which has been ineffective) were now beating the man on the inside and heading for the 18 yard box. It was like an arrow head formation which put more men in the box and gave more shooting opportunities.

Let’s keep this new formation a secret. Never let the opposition know how we are going to play. Let’s confuse them and blow our noses at them a second time. Let’s taunt them with mystical random patterns of play. At home men in white strips darting across the field like a blaze of white light. And when we are away, men in grey strips floating like ninja mist will o' the wisps.

Let confusion reign.

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