Bielsa's PreBlackburn Press Conference, What did we learn?

07 Nov 2019 06:44pm, by 1964white

Marcelo Bielsa spoke with the press at Thorp Arch today ahead of this weekends match against Blackburn Rovers, here is what he had to say...

Speaking about the defence this season

Defence has been excellent - do you value defence over attack more this season?
The mistake that allows the opponent to score, those mistakes have an affect that helps the player to improve. You can say to one player ‘don’t do this mistake’ and this resource is less effective, then when you have a situation where one player makes a mistake and learns because this mistake has a consequence. The price you pay when you make a mistake, so this has a big value to develop our players.

I always hope and wish if I prevent one player to do a mistake without doing it, they will not do it.; But after when I see that one player makes a mistake and how the player changes his behaviour after this mistake, I realise the difference that when you make a mistake it’s more important in the leaning process than the manager making a mistake.

Following this we make less mistakes than last season because we have learned from it. I could have answered this question with one word - experience.

Talking about Eddie Nketiah

Is the timing of injury concerning for games he needs to play to stay here?
I think if he feels comfortable with us, this is key for him to stay or not. He must say it, not me. We have the same position as when he arrived at Leeds. After leave and share with him, our opinion is better than initially before he arrived here. That was very good.

What can you tell us about his injury?
It’s the same I said before. His injury is in his abdomen. Week to week we evaluate the time of recovery. Now is one week and they told us one more week to see how he progresses. In the next seven days I will inform you if he is able or must continue to recover.

Is he in a lot of pain?
Yes because he is not training.

How much credit to Eddie and Ben White's team-mates for helping them settle?
In the human sense the group, you cannot find one better, but this is my opinion. Important is how White and Nketiah feel.

In other news…

Casilla - how difficult for the club to keep him available during process?
It is one institutional situation. The club is behind this case. Now we don’t have any news on it.

Blackburn - exciting last term - similar contest Saturday?
It’s one team that likes to play. We can realise they manage the ball well. I don’t know if this means more or less excitement.

An update on Jamie Shackleton’s injury?
He has one muscular problem, but different to the injury before. It’s not going to be able this week.

Davis close to starting?
He is one option at left-back. We have in this position Alioski, Douglas, Dallas and Davis is another option. Good value. Inside the young players we have at Leeds he’s a very good player and he has good options in the future.

Are Alioski and Douglas available?
Douglas is back this weekend, not Alioski.