D Day for Casilla

12 Nov 2019 08:40 am, by Ellandback1

Good Morning. It's Tuesday 12th November, and here is the latest news from Elland Road...

Mowbray - Leeds have the best defence in the league

Blackburn Rovers boss Tony Mowbray has been speaking to the press following their 2-1 defeat at Elland Road at the weekend. The veteran Manager claimed that Leeds have the best defence in the league!

Leeds are a very good team. I don't want to say we deserve this and that, we spent a lot of time out of possession today because they're so good with the ball. Yet when we got to 2-1 there was a nervousness about the place and the frustration ultimately is that we didn't have the quality to pray on that nervousness. We fought back into the game but it means very little sitting here with no points. They've got the best defence in the league, I think they're an amazing team at pressing the ball, closing you down and not allowing you to build up slowly.

Rovers gaffer wasn't finished there, as the 55 year old recalls the Spygate incident that dogged last season

I like his personality to be honest. He doesn’t speak much English to be honest so it’s difficult to converse with him, but I did speak with him on the phone a couple of months ago about something and I liked him, liked his personality. He seems to me, despite the ‘Spygate’ thing, he seems a pretty humble, honest, hard-working guy. I think what he’s done in the countries he’s been in that it was just normal. He wasn’t ‘cheating’, he was just doing what was done. I’m only saying that through talking to him. I don’t see a sneaky, clever guy who thinks he’s better than everyone else. I see a really humble, nice guy. Someone who is good for the game, someone who is good for English football.

Radrizzani and Al-Khelaifi a long way off agreeing takeover

Leeds United are said to be a 'long way' from securing investment from QSI due to the differing values of the two parties. The Qatari-based investment company value Leeds at between 60-80m, whilst Radrizzani's expectations are quite a bit higher. Also, Nasser Al-Khelaifi wants to conclude a deal that will see him having overall control of the club, and whilst the Leeds Chairman isn't totally against that idea, he would want it done on his terms, i.e at the end of the season when hopefully promotion has been clinched.

Al-Khelaifi is aware of interest from Italy and America but as of yet is unwilling to show his hand. Radrizzani would be foolish to sell the club before knowing their end of season fate, as promotion to the promised land would nett the club over 200m.

D-Day for Casilla

It's D-day for Kiko Casilla as the former Real Madrid shot stopper reaches his deadline to appeal against an allegation of racism against Charlton's Jonathan Leko. Leeds Managing Director Angus Kinnear has voiced his concerns about the level of proof the FA need to convict Casilla as it falls a long way short of our legal system.

As many will have seen reported in the press, it has been suggested that Kiko used discriminatory language during our language during our game with Charlton Athletic in September The club's unequivocal stance is that racism will not be tolerated in any form and this standard is applied across staff, coaches, players and supporters. However, it is important to assert that Kiko vehemently denies the allegation and has fully cooperated with the investigation. As well as Kiko's word, he can evidence a long distinguished and unblemished career playing alongside teammates, and against opponents, with an eclectic mix of ethnicities and nationalities.

As a club we fully support such a serious allegation being subject to full investigation and a disciplinary process. Our only concern is that the standard of proof for an FA hearing is not 'beyond all reasonable doubt' but 'on the balance of probability'. We believe that in cases of this seriousness the higher standard of proof is more appropriate. This is not because we fear a sporting sanction, but because a man's reputation is stake.

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Cjay wrote on 12 Nov 2019 03:41 pm

Good on Mowbray.

Speaking sense.

Dont know whats going on with QSI but someone posted on twitter that a member of the Qatar Roayl family was at LB Airport yesterday.

Coops will be out for ages as usual

Ellandback1 wrote on 12 Nov 2019 01:45 pm

Phil Hay‏Verified account@PhilHay_

Liam Cooper has a tear in his groin and will miss international duty with Scotland. Leeds say the injury is "not considered to be serious."

He's recently returned from a similar problem.

Irish Ian wrote on 12 Nov 2019 01:08 pm

Kiko given until the end of the month to respond to the allegation.

mothbanquet wrote on 12 Nov 2019 12:49 pm

Fair play to Mowbray, that's his chance of being a Sky pundit in the bin but at least he speaks the honest truth.

I have a bad feeling about the whole Casilla debacle. I haven't seen much in the way of credible evidence to 'convict' him so my main worry is that if he's unjustly used as a sacrifical lamb (and let's face it, since he's Leeds the FA would just love to) in the name of anti-racism it will do far more harm than good. Two wrongs do not make a right.

1964white wrote on 12 Nov 2019 12:24 pm

Good to hear Mowbray praising Bielsa