Brief online dating instructions: pluses and minuses

22 Nov 2019 08:11 pm, by YorkshireSquare

All people think about online dating from time to time. However, as a rule, in completely different ways. Someone believes that this is a waste of time, while others practice it on a regular basis. With confidence, only one thing can be said: the popularity of dating sites is growing day by day.

The explanation is quite simple: in this way you can communicate with people of any age and status, which means - to increase the chance to find a person with similar interests and tastes hundreds of times faster.

Does online dating have a chance to end in a real meeting?

Surely many of us have heard stories from friends about how they found partners via the Internet or even on swinger sites.

The effectiveness of online dating is confirmed by a series of experiments. For example, a study by British psychologist Jeffrey Gavin. Volunteers who helped the scientist evaluate the effectiveness of online dating were young people aged 19 to 26 who wanted to find a partner.

Their task was to register on a dating site. At the end of the experiment, 72% of the participants continued close communication in real life, and some of them even had a long-lasted relationship.

Not only ordinary people, but even celebrities can confirm the effectiveness of online dating. And it is a fact.

What is the secret of the popularity of such online apps?

Every year more and more people take this opportunity due to the following aspects:

  1. Accessibility - no need to spend time attending any events, you just need a gadget and Internet access.
  2. No matter whether it’s a day or a night, you can get acquainted to someone. It’s easy to find a person from another time zone: Internet is significantly expanding the boundaries of dating.
  3. You don’t need to answer to the person immediately - there is time to think of the right answer, find an approach to the interlocutor.
  4. Communication with several people at once is another plus.
  5. Starting a conversation online is much easier than in life - a great way out for shy people.
  6. You can immediately exclude unsuitable people selecting them by age, profession, interests or use special threesome dating app to find like-minded people.
  7. Any attention of the opposite sex - in offline or online life - raises self-esteem. In the Internet space, people feel more relaxed and do not skimp on compliments. And this is especially important for those who do not attract attention of crowds of fans in real life.
However, it is worth considering the disadvantages of dating via the Internet. For example, real communication is indispensable. Even after a long chat, the relationship fades away, if you do not meet in real life. However, this minus is very conditional: even the shyest people, as a rule, decide to meet after a while.

Also, Internet makes it possible not to be, but to appear. A person can assign other people's merits, he can create an image of someone who he is not in reality, or hide facts from his biography - for this online dating is ideal. And when the meeting takes place, the lie is relegated to the background - the goal has already been achieved!