Football fans praise Leeds United after FA Cup performance

06 Jan 2020 10:19 pm, by YorkshireSquare

Leeds United may have lost out 1-0 to Arsenal in the end but they received adulation from football fans everywhere after their first half performance. After the first 45 minutes of football it would be difficult to tell who was the Championship side after Leeds dominated possession and chances, arguably they should have been a couple of goals up before half time. Arsenal came back into the game in the second half after a rollicking from Arteta at half time and their quality ultimately told. The Leeds players can be extremely proud of their performance, a showcase of what the Premier League can expect next season if they are promoted.

Her are what football fans on social media were saying about that Leeds performance…

@BeardedGenius: Leeds playing some proper silky stuff. A betrayal of their heritage

@HashtagAman: Jesus Christ how good are Leeds united? They gona be a serious threat next season

@JamesT_1976: Pains me to say it but Leeds are bloody good

@RacketRoss: Leeds are playing fantastic football I can’t even fault it, dominating a top premier league side, both teams basically playing full squads, can’t wait for Leeds to be in the prem next year will be good to see such a well-managed team play so good. Watch this!

@AFC_Carys: We need this Bielsa Leeds side to replace Burnley in the league ffs. We've been poor but love seeing beautiful football.

@Nick_Talks7: Arteta beat the worst Manchester United side in 3 decades and gassed every Arsenal fan into thinking they’re back. Getting outclassed by Championship side Leeds.

@AFCAMDEN: Leeds would be an asset to the Premier League. Hope they come back up next season.

@MiguelDelaney: Leeds are better coached than at least, what, 13 or 14 Premier League clubs?

@HarryJeffrey9: Leeds are a premier league team playing in the wrong league. And this just shows it all. Playing class and the fans are unreal.

@FootballJOE: Mad how Leeds United are the only team capable of catching Liverpool and aren't even in the same league

@Cerebrone: Again, Leeds are the evidence you need to see to realise that you don’t need to spend on 100m players before you can be a well-coached team. You just need your coach to actually coach.

@Gazoneil: This Leeds team! Unbelievably dominant away at the Emirates for the whole of that 45 mins... takes some doing #bielsaball

Even Manchester United fans were praising their cross-Pennine enemy...

@Vintage_Utd: If you didn’t know anything about football, then you’d think that Leeds were the Premier League side & Arsenal were the Championship side. They’re so good to watch. Wish United played like that.

@UtdAlii: I'm in disbelief at the football Leeds are playing hahahah. This is unreal. I don't watch Championship but are they always like this or this just a one off?

@markgoldbridge: Arsenal goalkeeper deserves double time tonight! How are Leeds not winning. Absolutely bossing Arsenal

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HarryofOz wrote on 07 Jan 2020 06:52 am

We've known all season how good we are - last season too in fact.

Ratscoot wrote on 07 Jan 2020 06:14 am

Brilliant first half but needed to score as Rudy1 said need that cutting edge, second half Arsenal tried to rough us up, Xhaka should have been sent off at least 4 yellow card offences never even got booked

Rudy1 wrote on 06 Jan 2020 11:01 pm

Cutting edge lacking. We need to be more clinical..