It’s the one you love who hurts you most

11 Jan 2020 10:04 pm, by YorkshireSquare

It’s difficult supporting Leeds United, time and time again they hurt you. I’s not just a recent thing too, even at our brilliant best under Don Revie we didn’t win as many titles as we should have, didn’t lift as many cups as we could have. From lifting the title in 1992 to fighting for survival in 1993, playing Valencia in a Champions League semi-final in 2001 to relegation three years later. Capitulation in play-off finals to Watford and Doncaster, self-destruction last season with the ultimate embarrassment against Derby. Even when we did win promotion from League One we nearly messed it up.

So forgive any Leeds fans for hitting the panic button, forgive us for fearing the worst, this football club has form, it’s in our DNA. Last years heartbreak is still fresh in the mind, there for all to see in episode six of ‘Take Us Home’, reminders every time I log into my Amazon account. The parallels with last season are so clear, an amazing first half to the season, a record equalling streak of wins, top at new year. Same points, same wins, losses and draws. And here we find ourselves again, capitulating, choking. The points gap diminishing, red and white stripes sneaking up behind us, last season the Blades, this season the Bees.

The same old story as last season, reminders of those games against QPR, Wigan, Brentford all chances to secure promotion, all of them slipped through our fingers. Dominating possession and shots but not taking our chances. The pressure building, the cracks appearing, mistakes made and points lost. It’s hard not to walk away from Elland Road thinking ‘It’s happening again!’ A trip to London next, a city we haven’t won in since December 2017, that victory was against QPR but the trip there last February saw Bielsa disconsolate, head in hands crouched outside the chancing rooms. Even return to Elland Road at the end of the month gives little comfort as bogey team Millwall visit.

A winning streak of seven matches saw us top of the pile with a healthy gap of twelve points. But after squandering a three goal lead against Cardiff we’ve only won one in the last six. The fightback against Birmingham was spirited, the draw with West Brom was a good result. It felt like the reset button had been pushed, the blip was over, we could go into the new year with confidence. The first half performance against Arsenal reminded us how good we can be, the best performance of the season? But this weekend, after a loss to a bloody Garry Monk side, we find ourselves asking the same questions yet again. Fearing the same fate as last season.

This next four months are pivotal for Leeds United. We either realise the dream of fifteen years and return to the promised land of the Premier League or we have to rebuild again in the Championship next season with no Bielsa, no Phillips and with Radrizzani potentially looking to cut his losses. I don’t buy the fact that Bielsa teams ‘burn out’ but they definitely struggle in the second half of a season, we need to strengthen now or forever regret it. Sheffield United brought in five players last January, Leeds brought in just Kiko Casilla and Mateusz Bogusz. Forget FFP, it wont matter if we go up, we need strengthening, we need a proved goal scorer, we need fresh blood.

We need to act, this chance needs to be taken, it feels like now or never.

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Ratscoot wrote on 12 Jan 2020 10:24 am

Great post YS my feelings exactly since yesterday starting to get worried now, we are dominating games, the stats keep telling us that but we can’t deal with corners/free kicks high into the box, can’t score goals or kill most games off.

We need a back up for Pablo, who we’ve missed massively last few weeks, a big strong no nonsense CB for teams like the Wendies, oh and a striker that knows how to score at 1 in every 3 chances unlike our current striker who scores in every 8 games

Irish Ian wrote on 11 Jan 2020 11:46 pm

Well put.
The truth is that you are always hurt more by the ones you love.

I still havent watched the second half of the Derby game..

The club has invested heavily in a manager who has elevated the expectations and performances every player in our squad, apart from the keeper, not to mention the fan base, our hope has become expectation, now we are hurt as a result. It will pass. We dont love Leeds because of their league position and never will.

But reality.

Is there anything left to invest financially?
Is Bielssa willing to compromise his principles and expand our squad?

BGwhite wrote on 11 Jan 2020 11:31 pm

Great post YS, and I agree with the last sentence without a doubt.

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