Sheffield Wednesday make my eyes bleed

12 Jan 2020 11:18 am, by YorkshireSquare

Saturday’s game was a worrying one for Leeds United fans, there is a distinct sense of déjà vu creeping in as we remember the start of our capitulation at the same point last season. It wasn’t a good result and it wasn’t a great game either. As our poster SaraM wrote, “Sheffield Wednesday make my eyes bleed. I'm just grateful I don't have to watch them every week.” So, should we be worried? Will we learn our lessons from last season and if so what do we have to do now to stop this season panning out the same as last? It’s clear from the discussions on our message boards that our posters think something has to change, here is what they had to say…

DavidH wrote: Although we had been misfiring a little over the past few games, i wasn't that worried as we were still playing good football, which in the end will take us to where we want to be. However, having watched the game yesterday, we looked washed out. Like a bright t-shirt that's been in the wash too many times. So I am now worried. If it's in our heads, it will be in the players and managements heads. That's going to further affect performances. The ideal would be to string a couple of wins together to get momentum back, but what's the chances of that with last season's exploits coming to the fore in the players minds?

Cjay wrote: Something needs to change because our form has dropped, key players have dropped and 6 points now the gap, at the rate we are playing that could go before February. The once solid defence is leaking like a sieve and we are not clinical (sounds very familiar) identical to last season. Gets forgotten but for most of last season our defence was solid and then the heavens opened. Deja vu atm. Fair play to Wednesday, they had a plan, we had naff all 2nd half.

WhiteRose wrote: Throwing it away again I'm afraid and the problems are all so avoidable, Radrizzani needs to spend £15 million now to recoup it tenfold when we get promoted. to not take advantage of the position we are in is crazy. We cant rely on the bottle jobs we have in this team. Get meslier in goal for god sake and Dallas out of centre mid.

Poshwhite wrote: Let’s be real, here we go again. Promoted with Bamford? No way, he would not get into any team in the top 6! Bielsa needs to understand the league does not finish at Christmas. Let’s get a real centre forward in this team who scores! Did we not learn a lesson last season?

faipp wrote: We were flat after Arsenal... It's a Leeds thing, we've been like it since the days of the Don. But there's talent and ability right through the squad except at centre forward where we employ a donkey.. .a £7 million donkey. Strikers have to hit the back of the net, being able to defend a bit or run around like a headless chicken a lot ain't good enough. Needs to be dropped now and for all I care replaced with a life sized dummy. The result is disappointing but I can handle that but something stinks in the state of Denmark and it the insistence on playing a league 1 striker.

rich_leeds64 wrote: It’s starting to look like we’ve been sussed out by other championship clubs as we’ve been nullified by teams over the last few games. It’s clear we can’t mess about in the weeks we have left in the transfer window and need deals doing ASAP. No point throwing away all the hard work from the first half of the season by failing to recruit a proven striker.
An early start next Saturday and we need to get back to winning ways and go back to the top of the table to give ourselves a psychological boost. It’s a big big game next week.

Many questioned Marcelo Bielsa’s substitutions and if such a small squad can see us through to the end of the season…

Irish Ian wrote: Bielsa got his first sub wrong today, Wednesday had found a weakness on our left and he decided to weaken it by bringing on Ali. If he wanted to sub Douglas then he should have moved Dallas to the left and brought on either Pablo or Shackleton. In the end they scored by exploiting our weakness on the left, but Kiko Casilla, what are you thinking?

faaip wrote: Really didn't get the Klich substitution. Second half he'd battled and was winning the war and the protection he gives Kalvin allows Kalvin to play his game. Phillips struggled with that sub and I've been saying for months now it's Klich doing the dirty work in centre midfield and that's going unnoticed... He didn't look to be injured or tiring.

Irish Ian wrote: Today was a culmination of the fascination of a small squad, a few pick up injuries and it gets even harder to rotate the team. Unless Bielsa accepts that he is wrong about his belief that he only needs 18 players we can expect to be here again before end of season. Half those players will be on their knees by April.

So what do we do? Is this a blip or do the management and coaching staff need to act now…

DavidH wrote: Time for management at all levels to step up now. At least this is the month we can do something about it. Paddy is clearly misfiring, for all his effort up and down the pitch. And you have to feel sorry for him in a way because it's the lack of height in our defence that forces him to come back to the goal line whenever the opponents have a set-piece opportunity. How is a lightning breakaway goal going to happen when he is so far back? That said, we are missing opportunities so let's get into the transfer market to freshen up our attack. This collapse could have occurred in February, when there would have been no alternative but to soldier on. It hasn't. It's time to grasp the nettle and not repeat the mistakes of last year.

dezzy wrote: Worrying result, makes the table look a lot less pretty from a Leeds perspective. We need to get those two attacking players through the door quickly, if nothing else but to freshen things up. Things just haven’t clicked for us over the past few weeks, QPR now really is a massive game.

BGWhite wrote: Same side, same glaring problem! Players who don't know how to score from very good positions. The defence have wilted under the pressure because the forwards are not doing their jobs. It's time for this club to stop messing about ,stand up and be counted, get a striker who can score goals with his eyes shut and get out of this league once and for all! At the end of the day they'll get what they deserve but no fresh faces will equal no promotion.

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