All Hail Lord Bamford

30 Jan 2020 08:25 am, by YorkshireSquare

It’s hard not to be pleased for Patrick Bamford. He has come in for a lot of stick, and that can’t be nice. Fans think players are impervious to the criticism dished out on social media but they see it, they feel it, they are humans too. It’s not just been from the fans either the media as well.

"With a better striker Leeds would be out of sight"
"Shouldn't have sold Roofe"
“Bamford isn't clinical enough"

All may be true, he hasn't been clinical enough, maybe they shouldn't have sold Roofe. On the other hand Bamford is crucial to the way Leeds United play. That was clear whenever Eddie Nketiah played, we just didn't look right somehow. Kemar Roofe has got just one goal in six games in one of the weakest leagues in Europe and is either injured again or has been dropped, not having been in the last two Anderlect squads.

Patrick Bamford isn't the only player who hasn't been scoring enough for Leeds this season, Klich missed a sitter against Millwall, Harrison has missed a fair few chances, Costa, Forshaw, Dallas they have all been wasting chances. Bamford is the joint fourth top scorer in the league and averages a goal every 182 minutes, practically a goal every two games, and could be on course to score twenty this season.

He has gotten some stick for his hands over ears celebration as well, no one can have a problem with that, if fans want to dish it out they have to be able to take it back. Feel a bit sorry for Bamford, he hasn't been clinical enough, he has taken a lot of stick from all comers, he can’t really argue that he hasn't been clinical enough based on chances we create. But he hasn't been alone and because of the wastefulness of others he has had the whole weight of our goal scoring responsibilities on his shoulders.

We are all very excited to see how Jean-Kévin Augustin does, but perhaps one of the best things his singing will mean will be the pressure lifted off Bamford’s shoulders. Hopefully JKA’s arrival will coincide with Hernandez, Harrison, Costa and co finding their shooting boots too and the burden will be released from Bamford. If that happens Bamford could well go on to score more and hit that twenty goal mark because the pressure on every chance won’t be so great.

Well played your lordship!

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