Leeds can put Forest behind them and restore confidence against Brentford

10 Feb 2020 05:38 pm, by YorkshireSquare

The Forest game was comfortably the worst we have played all season. In the attacking third we always seem to hit crosses or passes into a Forest body. Passes consistently went astray, missed their man or were overhit out of play. We seemed to completely lack confidence. Even though we were incredibly poor by our own standards Forest really weren't much better which says a lot about the lack of quality in the Championship. On Saturday, more than ever, it seemed to be about confidence, but Marcelo Bielsa denies this…

The players are doing the same things they used to when we were in good moments. They are good things the players do on the pitch and also mistakes. Before, maybe we didn’t pay consequence for our mistakes in good moments. Now we are paying the consequences. The positive things they used to do, we were able to transform into good things and now we don’t. The team is not playing worse than before. The team is not running less than before, they are running even more. The team keeps the same confidence as before.

Despite what Bielsa says, players like Pablo look a shadow of how good they can be. Passes are going astray, players are afraid to shoot and we are trying to walk the ball into the net. Hopefully though the Forest performance can be a turning point, we had similarly bad performances when we got promoted under Wilko and also under Grayson but we do need a spark from somewhere. Play at even 70% of our ability and finish at a reasonable ratio and we are comfortably the best team in the championship.

Having Phillips back will help and Marcelo Bielsa confirmed he will return to the team following his suspension; “He’s always been an important player. In those three matches he wasn’t there, we could replace him without fear he wasn’t there. Always count on him to make our team more rigid.” Phillips return will lead to one less oddly shaped peg. Getting a goal or two though is vital and also a clean sheet. We need players to get their confidence back in themselves and their teammates.

Tuesday night could be the defining moment in our season, a good performance will do a lot for the confidence of both players and fans alike.