Leeds United promoted if UEFA have their way

25 Apr 2020 11:26 am, by YorkshireSquare

Whilst there is still a desire in England to complete both the Premier League and Football League seasons there is a strong possibility that the season cannot be completed. UEFA is keen for all elite leagues in Europe to be completed by mid-August to enable them to hold a mini tournament for both the Europa League and Champions League qualification for those leagues that cannot finish. The European governing body are happy for individual leagues to finish the season however they wish and decide who qualifies for the Champions League as long as it is done on “sporting merit” and there is not a “public perception of unfairness.”

It is understood UEFA believe the fairest method with most “sporting merit” for determining final league positions should the season not be finished is a points-per-game system. Whilst the UEFA guidance is for Champions League and Europa League qualification it would seem only fair to apply the same system to the Championship and Football League as is applied to the Premier League. With so much money at stake with European qualification and promotion to and relegation from the Premier League voiding the season is not believed to be an option. Not one without serious financial and legal implications anyway.

The only fair way to decide on the final league positions, should the season not be finished, is one based on sporting merit and points per game or mirroring reverse fixtures seem to be the only fair options. But how would Leeds United fare if wither of these systems was adopted?

Points Per Game

Well, this one is pretty easy for the Championship as everyone has played the same number of games. Leeds would be Champions on 88 points with West Brom also promoted to the Premier League as runners-up on 87 points. Fulham would take third spot on 80 points with Fulham and Forest taking fourth and fifth on 75 points each. Preston would complete the play-off placed on 70 points.

Mirroring Reverse Fixtures

This system doesn’t play out quite so well for Leeds with West Brom crowned Champions on 91 points. Leeds would still earn promotion but would finish 6 points behind the Baggies. The promotion spots would have a similar feel with Fulham third on 79 points, Brentford and Forest in fourth and fifth on 77 points and Preston sixth on 74 points. Marcelo Bielsa's men would pick up the lowest amount of points from the top-six with just 14 from a possible 27, but it would still be enough to see them promoted.

Whichever system is considered it seems only fair that West Brom and Leeds United are promoted based on their efforts and results so far this season. Deciding the final promotion spot could be more difficult though, Fulham are third on merit in both systems but Brentford and Forest might have something to say about that!