Football League says the show must go on

04 Jun 2020 07:58 am, by Ellandback1

Good Morning. It's Thursday 4th June, and here are the latest headlines from Elland Road...

EFL - The show must go on

The EFL have reiterated that the season will restart on June 20, despite growing opposition. The statement comes in light of nine positive Covid 19 tests results from six clubs (one of which has been revealed to come from Sheffield Wednesday). The Individuals have been told they must now self-isolate and may only return to training grounds once they have tested negative.

What about the the colleagues of the Covid 9, especially as full contact has been in force since the begining of the week. In Germany, the entire Dynamo Dresden team were placed in a two-week quarantine following two positive coronavirus tests among the players. The EFL have agreed to remove the first midweek game, so only 2 games in week 1, not 3. The Season is set to finish on 21/22 July with the play-off final in early August.

Warnock - Leeds fans deserve it for all what they have taken

Neil Warnock has backed Leeds to win automatic promotion back to the Premier League. The outspoken veteran Manager was having his say on Talksport recently. The 71yo was quoted as saying...

I think Leeds fans are hoping they just abandon the season now and they can have promotion. I think that would have been the best thing. It is an amazing club Leeds - and they will fill the stadium in the top flight. I hope them two go back up, I think Leeds fans deserve it for all what they have taken. And I like West Brom as well so I hope those two can make it. And then it’s anybody’s.

But the only thing about Leeds, the crowd, you know what it’s like, it’s so nervous near the end and he [Marcelo Bielsa] doesn’t seem to have a Plan B. I think he’s in a good position this year, I don’t think there’s a third team going to push any of them really.

I see them two as probably the best two – and I don’t really see them as head and shoulders above everybody else. So it’s up to them to miss out definitely because it’s in their hands now.

Does Bielsa have no Paln B? Did Warnock even have a Plan A?

Should the remainder of the season be finished?

Following news of the latest Covid 19 tests that saw nine players or staff from six clubs test positive, is it time to draw a line in the sand and conclude the season? We've heard growing support in recent days from fellow Championship clubs that the season should be scrapped. Many of these teams are only looking for an escape route to avoid relegation, and would be fighting tooth and nail for special dispensation why their team should be spared! Is it too dangerous to restart the season in three weeks?

Save of the season

The Sky Bet Championship official twitter account have put forward the best saves of the season. Which one is the best?

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weasel wrote on 04 Jun 2020 12:48 pm

I think most of us would echo what Ratscoot says in that we'd rather finish the season rather than rely on fairness if the league season was curtailed early. Too much money involved for clubs to simply take relegation without a fight. If the season ends then there really isn't much any team can say about it being unfair - well they can say it is unfair but it won't hold much weight.

The season needs to start on June 20th. Pushing it back won't simply eradicate the chances of teams coming down with the virus. Much better to get it started and if a team has to self isolate for 2 weeks then there is still a bit of wiggle room to get the fixtures played. Not surprised we are seeing a few positive tests though as most footballers seem stupid - take Phil Foden at Man City who has been warned by his club for playing footy with mates on the beach. How moronic can you get? Add to the easing of lockdown and the fact the players are returning to their families after each training session and it isn't a surprise that players are catching it. The only hope is that all this testing means that players will find out they have the virus before they can pass it on to team mates. However what we don't know yet is how many of the positive tests come from first team players as it could easily be that a few of the tests are from club staff or youth players.

Ratscoot wrote on 04 Jun 2020 11:51 am

Hi EB et all

Don’t care in the slightest what Colin has to say

I hope we do finish the season as I have this deep dread that the snakes currently struggling in the Prem will block us going up otherwise

Samba by a country mile

Ellandback1 wrote on 04 Jun 2020 08:43 am

Reliable Sun journalist Alan Nixon is claiming that a TOP Champion ship outfit have three players that has tested positive for Covid 19.
Alan Nixon
There’s one top club with three young players. I take it they are among the nine talked about. Unusual one