Ways to Cultivate Friendship through Sports

26 Jun 2020 11:58 am, by YorkshireSquare

Whether people want to admit it or not, a healthy community is essential to the quality of life they'll experience. When they're in the right environment, so many people tend to thrive. Unfortunately, it's not always common for people to intentionally build the lives they desire. This is why it's important to get clear about your interests. Then, you can seek out people who share the same interests, beliefs or goals. An excellent way to cultivate friendship is through sports. If you'd like to develop budding friendships through sports, consider some of the great ways to get started.

1) Attend games
If you find someone who is interested in sports as much as you are, invite them to a game. You can both get tickets to one of the team's home games. If you can find a group of football lovers to go with you, you can create a really cool experience. There's nothing quite like experiencing the joy of a great game from the stadium seats. As you make this a tradition, it can be a real highlight of your season. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to connect with some really cool people.

2) Host game nights
Order a few pizza pies, some drinks and extra snacks. Then, invite everyone over for a game night. You all can watch the game together as you enjoy great food. This can be a really great way to take the edge off if anyone's experienced a long week. It's also really relaxing to be in a space with people who have the same interest in watching the game.

3) Bet on teams
It's better to bet on teams when you know the people you're betting against. If you don't know this group of people well, start by betting with something less valuable. You don't want to create a rift in any friendship. However, you really don't want to create a rift in a budding friendship because you don't have a solid foundation to rely on yet. Keep it light by finding a few virtual sports you can bet on in order to create some fun, interesting experiences.

4) Pay attention to similar commentary
There are plenty of incredible sports journalists and podcasters who share their perspectives and commentary regarding the games. Whether you're listening to the highlights of the previous game or learning what the journalists predict for the upcoming season, listen to the commentary. Then, when you and your friends meet up, you all can talk about your takeaways from the commentary. You all can also develop a commentary on your own. As you hear and learn from other perspectives, this can help you gain more clarity on how to approach the game.

It's not always easy to make new friends. This is especially true as you move through the intricacies of adulthood. However, when you're focused on a specific goal, it won't always be easy. In those moments when it seems easier to retreat, think about how much fun it'll be to finally connect with the right people on the same interests. The experience is magical. Knowing this, keep going.